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A thorough guide through stunning National Parks of Serbia

Nature wonders are all around the world. If you ever visit Serbia, you will find numerous places that can trigger your imagination and fill your lungs with crystal clear air. Many centuries ago, Serbian mountains were the crucial part of journeys for individuals. The trips were harsh and difficult, but the beauties of the mountains inspired numerous poets and writers for their work. Today, we can enjoy our weekends and vacations by looking at the nature that sleeps peacefully by the canyons and gorges. These National Parks will surely enlighten you; find out more in the next paragraphs. In general, Serbia can enlighten you with its diverse cultural, natural and historic sites. Description of this itinerary will introduce you to the places you should visit in this country and in Balkan in general.

Fruška Gora

One of the five National Parks in Serbia and the oldest one. The mountain of Fruška Gora is one of the biggest mountains in Vojvodina county. Because of the numerous animal fossils found here, scientists call Fruška Gora “The mirror of geological past”. The name Fruška originate from the old Slavic name “Frug” which is a synonym for the old German tribe, Franks. With that being said, Fruška Gora is actually a name for the “mountain of Franks”. Today, hiking enthusiast gather here to enjoy fresh, fragrant air while walking on one of the mountain paths. Also, this National Park has an abundance of monasteries that can be found by the hiking trails. There are total of 35 buildings that were constructed between 15th and 18th century and 16 of them are opened for visitors. If you wish to relax after a long session of nature sightseeing, have a rest by one of the 16 artificial lakes. Fishing is also allowed here.

Tara National Park

The park is surrounded by dazzling Drina river canyon: The third largest of its kind in the world. This park is also a home to endangered species of brown bears, but there is a low chance that you will see them. Also, more than 130 bird species can be found inside the forests of the park. The walking trails are well interconnected with Raca Trail (the easiest one), Jarevac Trail (the path will lead you to Brana Jarevac where you can have a picnic) and Banjska Stena (An educational path where you can read information boards with facts about plants and herbs) If you wish to comprehend its true beauty, rent a kayak and feast your eyes on majestic panoramas. Don’t forget to occasionally take a breath and see the canyon from 5 divine viewpoints.

Kopaonik National Park

Thanks to the great number of autochthonous plants and bird species, the territory was proclaimed a National Park in 1981. It is also the biggest sierra in Serbia because it extends from the northeast of the country to the south. The whole park is indulged in its enormous beauty as you can see plenty of green fields, meadows and picturesque forests. Considering that Kopaonik is the biggest mountain range in the region, the main activity of the park is skiing. The skiing paths mostly belong to the easy category and you can always apply in the skiing school on the spot if you need practice.

Đerdap National Park

The main place in the park you should definitely see is Đerdap gorge which is the biggest and the longest gorge in Europe. Because of its strategic importance, Đerdap is also called “the iron door”. It is a great weekend destination if you wish to move closer to the mother nature and enjoy the flora, fauna and endemic species. Đerdap is a home to more than 1100 herbal species and animals like bears, wolves, jackals, bald eagles, black storks and owls. Also, many archeological findings are the essential part of the park’s observing. The most famous of all is Lepenski Vir. The location is so impressive that the whole prehistoric culture was named after this place. Also, if you stay long enough, you may find some time to discover impressive fortresses like Golubac. It can be found at the initial point of Đerdap gorge. This part of the gorge is also known as the entrance through “the iron door”.           


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