How can smart travelers use Coronavirus crises to book travel deals

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Summer 2020 will be the time for everyone to get great deals in Europe

Looking ahead and taking China, where it all started, as an example, this travel crises shall stop in a month or two. Also, all the countries are using rigorous measures to stop the spread, especially the ones that depend on tourism like Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. We know everyone is overwhelmed with Coronavirus at this moment but as we all know there is always someone who profits from crisis and we will give you couple tricks how to do just that and think ahead.

Book now and re-book without any fees on future dates

Hotels, charters and everyone else in the travel industry will be desperate to get any bookings now even with less rigorous booking terms and conditions. If you want to know what we did to make everyone feel confident with booking with us, check our changes and adjustments in booking terms and conditions for this and next year.

Once the bookings stop coming in everyone will send out new rates and sales and this is the time when smart travelers have to book to get the most out of the situation. If travel is not possible due to the corona virus in desired/booked time, we will work with on re-scheduling to the new dates or even next year, negotiation same rates. Hotels are already lowering the rates by 15-20% so this might be the best time to book and save money.

Book a charter as isolated option from the crowds

Are you thinking about charters? Sometimes people find it too high in price compared to regular cruises, but this might be the best time to actually make it much more affordable. Due to lower booking confirmations, charters will lower the costs of the boats and will also have flexible re-booking policies available. Make sure to take the opportunity and book a charter not only because there will be some amazing deals, but because it is safe at this time where you have to avoid crowds.

Be ready for last minute deals

This also shall pass and once it is over everyone shall be prepared for last minute deals in whole Europe and Croatia. Europe is experiencing huge losses in travel at this moment and everyone will be in panic to recoup as soon as possible from this crisis meaning the prices will be much lower and the packages should drop by 20-30% in next month or so. Stay calm and make the best out of this crisis.


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