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Trip overview

Enchanting Dalmatia is one of the world’s best places for a memorable family vacation. Happy days at the beautiful Dalmatian beaches, customized private tours through fascinating Dalmatian cities, and carefully selected family activities are tailor-made to provide maximum satisfaction for all family members. Ravishing Krka waterfalls, one of the most beautiful European rivers, Cetina, remarkable Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar – when combined with delicious Mediterranean food, and premium accommodation, you get a picture-perfect family vacation.

Please keep in mind that all our tours are tailor-made according to our clients interests and wishes. If there is something in this itinerary you would like to change or customize, please contact us . We will gladly modify the itinerary to meet your preferences.

Trip map and locations

21000, Split, Croatia

Otok Drvenik Veli, 21225, Drvenik Veli, Croatia

Lozovac, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Trip itinerary


Welcome to Split! Split is the second biggest city in Croatia and often referred to as “The most beautiful city in the world” and “Mediterranean flower.” It doesn’t take too much time to find out the origin of Split’s nicknames.

After the arrival and private transfer to a hotel, the rest of the day is at leisure. Beautiful Split offers a lot of things to enjoy and see.

Overnight in Split.


After another morning in vibrant Split, it is the time to embark on a private boat for an adventurous boat ride to small island Krknjaši and Hvar, the sunniest island in Croatia. With its beautiful renaissance architecture, inspiring cultural heritage and vitalizing Mediterranean nature, Hvar pretty much has everything.

Krknjasi bay on the east coast of the island Veli Drvenik is known as the Blue Lagoon for its incredible hue of crystal clear water which create an unique tropical paradise.

This natural gem is protected with two islands from the outside, large (Veliki) and small (Small) Krknjas. The unusual sandy sea bottom and the immaculate shallow crystal clear water create an unique tropical paradise in the middle of Dalmatia. This amazing islands are perfect for snorkeling and swiming. After Krknjaši continue to Hvar island.

To begin with, Hvar looks like “an open-air gallery,” an exhilarating visual feast. Hvar is considered as one of the top 10 beautiful islands in the world and it has more Intangible UNESCO Heritage than any other island in the world. It’s the sunniest place in Europe. In short, a place that everybody should visit. At least once in a lifetime.

Hvar is a calming place of sophisticated hedonism, shaped by the cultural influence of Venice, the Austrian Empire, and authentic Dalmatia.

After arrival in Hvar, the rest of the day is at leisure. Whether people choose to enjoy swimming in a crystal clear sea, sightseeing or discover the Hvar gastronomy scene, Hvar will reward them with some of the most scenic landscapes, sophisticated medieval and renaissance architecture, art and rich taste and flavor of local food and wine.

After a well-spent day, the tour comes back to Split.

Overnight in Split.


National Park Krka is among the most popular and most beautiful Croatian national parks. Lush greenery, tranquil lakes, powerful waterfalls, and cultural sites relax and reinvigorate body and soul. There is something almost meditative about the freshness and serenity of the river Krka and its surroundings.

Split walking tour will reveal some of the most iconic places of this ancient town, guide you through the history and give you a glimpse into the life of a modern Split.

The mouth of the river Krka is a beautiful set of breathtaking features, waterfalls, stunning canyon, and crystalline lakes. It attracts nature lovers, hikers, cyclists and offers an exciting day for a family trip away from crowded tourist trails. Some people might enjoy a guided tour with a local guide, while others might want to take time and relax, swim beneath the waterfalls or wander around with a family, creating precious memories.

The most appealing falls in the park, Skradinski Buk, consists of nearly 20 different waterfalls and is almost a half-mile long. Swimming beneath Skradinski Buk, in the clear crystalline pool, is a breathtakingly beautiful experience.

After lunch, it is time to go back to Split for a short and sweet guided tour.

The first stop of a Split walking tour is an ancient Diocletian palace, the surreally beautiful beating heart of the city. The next stop is the oldest (and the smallest) catholic Cathedral in the world, Cathedral of Saint Domnius on Peristil, built in the 4th century as the Imperial Roman mausoleum. From the top of the iconic bell tower near the Cathedral, you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the palace and the sea.

Peristil square, formerly a Roman court, echoes the ancient glory of the Roman empire.

Charming and Split-ish place worth a visit is Pjaca square with Split’s old town hall and a shiny marble tiles paved plaza, lined with pleasant cafes. Below the palace is Riva, palm-lined seafront promenade, famous for its beauty, lovely historic buildings, and zen-inducing overlook at the Adriatic sea.

In the center of Split, there is a beautiful and urban and polished Roman, Renaissance, and Venetian architecture. But in the north, there is an ancient Illyrian fortress Klis the seat of Croatian kings during the Middle Ages. Its mystical beauty and wild strength were featured in The Game of Thrones.

After the tour, the rest of the day is at leisure.

Overnight in Split.


Rafting on the river Cetina, one of the most beautiful rivers in this part of Europe, is among the most popular adventure activities in Dalmatia. Rafting is the best way to experience the majestic canyon of river Cetina, its amazingly clean water, and luscious nature.

Wild, fresh river Cetina, its fast waterfalls, stunning caves, and jungle-like vegetation are breathtakingly beautiful. Rafting with your loved ones on the exciting river Cetina is a beautiful bonding experience. Going down the class 2 and 3 rapids (the scale is up to 6) is perfectly calibrated for the family. Enough adrenaline, yet safe and appropriate for all the rafters older than six years.

For the maximum satisfaction and safety, we use professional rafting boats for 6 people, with a trained guide in each boat and equipped with everything for pleasant and safe rafting. In case of cold weather, we will provide long neoprene suits and rain jackets.

After an exciting adventure filled with enjoyment and laughter, the tour heads towards Split.

Overnight in Split.


Welcome to Dubrovnik, a city of a renaissance harmony of the architecture, with a pinch of medieval mystic and fantasy-like Game of Thrones vibe. The city of Dubrovnik is bursting with good energy and unbelievably lots of things to see and do.

The Old City of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered the most beautiful Croatian town and is among the most popular tourist sites in Europe. Its nickname – The Pearl of the Adriatic – is there for a reason.

First day of Dubrovnik stay is at leisure. Dubrovnik, offers incredibly a lot of things to do, starting from a simple stroll across a beautiful Old Town. 

For more adventurous tourists, there is a cable car to Mount Srđ with the best views of Dubrovnik. Near Dubrovnik is a peaceful oasis of an island Locrum, an ideal setting for an enjoyable walk or a leisurely swim in the sea or its scenic saltwater lake. The 11th-century Locrum monastery is also a lovely place to visit.

Elafiti archipelago one day cruise is a great way to experience the authentic life of old Dubrovnik aristocrats who used to enjoy their free time on idyllic islands, surrounded by the fragrant myrtle, laurel, thyme, rosemary, tall cypresses, and thick pine trees.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


Just a simple walk on the streets of Dubrovnik or along the city walls awakens the sense of awe and exhilaration. Stunning views of the Old Town and the shimmering blue Adriatic Sea are genuinely marvelous and breathtaking.

Dubrovnik is overflowing with historical places, unique architecture, and cultural heritage. A guided tour will offer an opportunity to discover a fantastic Dubrovnik history, the beauty of Old Town, renaissance harmony of the main street – Stradun and sophisticated elegance of the Rector’s Palace. Finally, it culminates with a grandeur of City Walls, UNESCO World Heritage Site, overlooking the shimmering blue Adriatic Sea.

In the afternoon explore the area outside of Dubrovnik in a fun and exciting buggy on this 3-hour buggy tour. First, ride to the top of Mt Srđ and stop to gawk at the incredible views of Dubrovnik’s UNESCO-World-Heritage listed Old Town and the blue Adriatic Sea. Then climb in to the two-seater buggy and get ready for an action-packed ride through the countryside. Cruise through coniferous forests and past bucolic villages. Then go back to the top of Mt. Srđ for the cable car ride back down to Old Town again.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


After clamor and grandiosity of Dubrovnik, the tranquility of the ravishing nature of Dubrovnik countryside might be an excellent add-on for the Dubrovnik experience. Bike tour through incredibly scenic landscape ends with a wine-tasting in an award-winning local winery.

Biking and Wine Tasting Tour starts in Gruda, a picturesque village near Dubrovnik. It goes through lovely vineyards, olive groves, along the river with waterfalls and next to the medieval watermills. The first sightseeing stop is a 600-year old Franciscan monastery, followed by a visit to a mountain stream for a relaxing swim in crystal clear waters.

The final stop of the cycling route is an award-winning local winery where an indulgent wine tasting will be organized for adults while the kids will get to try home made fruit juices and home produce. The last destination for the day is a mouthwatering lunch in an authentic Dalmatian local restaurant.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


One of Dubrovnik’s most popular summer activities is a sea kayaking tour around the Dubrovnik City Walls. City’s impressive and invincible fortress looks amazing from a kayak softly gliding through the calm and sleepy sea at sunset. 

Kayaking in the sunset, under the Sea Walls, near the islands and secluded bays is a mesmerising experience. The sound of the paddling, water and light breeze merge with soothing colors of sunset and stunning view on Dubrovnik. 

After pleasant paddling by the city wall, in Pile Bay, a dreamlike site where several of the Game of Thrones scenes were shot, is a short refreshment break. Enjoy your sandwich, juice, fruits, or sweets you prepared for yourself.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


Private transfer to Dubrovnik airport. Fly out of Croatia.

Price & Inclusions

All our itineraries and trips are custom made to each client. The above itinerary (price from) is calculated based on 2 people traveling in low season in 4* hotels. Included are all private transfers and touts. The price of the itinerary can go up or down depending on the seasonality of travel, hotel choices, and any tours added to the current sample itinerary.

All the benefits when booking with VIA:

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  2. 24/7 local concierge and local host
  3.  Tours only bookable with VIA
  4. Hand-selected guides
  5. Private transfers with high-class vehicles no older that 3 years

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Due to COVID19, Via has changed booking terms and conditions. Every deposit payment is fully refundable in case the travelers are not allowed to get into the country or cannot make it to the destination due to COVID19 travel disturbances and restrictions. In case the travelers are allowed to enter the destination regular terms and conditions apply.

Also, any booking can be re-booked to new dates without penalty 60 days prior to the arrival. Closer re-bookings are subject to every individual situation.

The flexible booking terms are active until pandemic is officially over on the destinations travelers are visiting.

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