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Things to do in adventurous Slovenia

Slovenia is blessed with stunning natural landscapes that offer a plethora of adventure activities to enjoy. Paragliding, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, trekking, canyoning, and many more outdoor activities in Slovenia are extremely enjoyable – and not only because of its incredible nature. Slovenia is one of the most sustainable countries that develop conscious and sustainable tourism. There are no crowds and over-tourism, which makes Slovenia exceptionally pleasant, tranquil and enjoyable.

Adventure seekers should visit our itinerary pages to see available active tours.

Visit Triglav National Park Adventure

The dynamic mountain terrain of Triglav National Park features beautiful mountain peaks, valleys, and many cultural attractions. It provides an ideal setting for mountain biking, mountaineering, hiking, and rock climbing.

Many great biking tours start from lovely Lake Bohinj and visit Pokljuka Plateau, stunning Lake Bled, scenic valleys in Radovna, mount pass of Vršić, Trenta Valley and the town of Bovec. Guided bike tours offer regular bikes and e-bikes. 

Mount Triglav is home to the largest rock faces in the region, with some faces 1000 meters high and 3000 meters wide. Challenging routes offer exceptional experience for rock climbers. While some routes are best for experienced climbers, there are also easier routes for beginners and intermediate climbers. 

Get on 7 Alpine Wonders Tour

This is a perfect tour for people who want to experience Triglav National Park, Mount Spik, Lake Jasna, Lake Predel, Soca Gorge and Waterfall Pericnik, the most beautiful areas of Slovenian Alps and enjoy different kinds of outdoor activities. The tour combines minivan transport and hiking, rafting, and ziplining in the Soča Gorge. Absolutely great tour.

Don’t miss on Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most iconic spots in Slovenia and one of the most visited places in the country. The glacial lake located high in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia is surrounded by high mountains and dense forest. The beautiful lake, enchanting castle, and lush nature are topped with a scenic tiny island and St. Mary’s Church in the middle of the Lake. 

The Bled area offers a lot of fascinating things to see and experience. Tours include a visit to the beautiful Vintgar Gorge and Šum Waterfall, sailing on a traditional boat Pleetna, 99 stone steps walk to visit the Church of the Assumption, and hiking to the charming Bled Castle above the lake. For even more adrenalin, there are activities such as horse riding, ziplining, and paragliding.

Join Wilderness Tour of Slovenia

This multi-day tour starts in Ljubljana. It first visits the important sights in the city, such as the Dragon Bridge, Preseren Square, and the unique Triple Bridge. After Ljubljana, the tour heads to the Kolpa River, where you can enjoy glamping, hiking, and swimming. Bear tracking and a visit to a bear observatory near Kočevje will delight nature lovers. After mushroom hunting, the tour heads towards the 22 underground lakes in Križna Caves. The fascinating cave is best explored with boat tours.

Visit Vintgar Gorge

The Vintar Gorge is undoubtedly one of the most prominent Slovenian natural attractions. The Gorge is flanked by steep slopes and thick beech forests and is at least 1,600 meters long. It’s a gorgeous place to walk in, easy to get to, and incredibly beautiful. A charming boardwalk suspended over the river is lovely and provides impressive views of the river and the gorge.

Get adventurous on Soča Valley

The valley is famous for the amazingly beautiful Soča river, waterfalls, caves, and other stunning landscapes scattered all around. Its beauty is so mesmerizing that the producers of the Hollywood movie, Narnia, decided to shoot some parts of the film here. 

Visitors to Soča valley can enjoy hiking, climbing, biking, photography, flower picking, and other outdoor activities. But, experiencing the canyoning here really is something special. It includes sliding down the waterfalls, jumping off the rocks and swimming in emerald green pools.

Underground Kayaking in Koroska

One of Slovenia’s most exciting destinations is Koroška, where you will find unusual attraction hidden in Mount Peća – underground lakes. After the mines of the Mount Peća were shut down, some of them filled up with water from underground lakes. A small mine train takes visitors 3.5 kilometers inside the tunnel for an underground kayaking tour. After about 700 meters of kayaking, a traditional miner’s meal is served. This is a very unusual – and pretty unforgettable experience.

Hike Alpe Adria Trail

The Alpe Adria Trail is a thematic hiking trail for guided hikes and free exploration. It starts at the foothills of the Grossglockner in Austria, goes through Slovenia, and ends in the town of Muggia on the Adriatic Coast.

Slovenian part of the trail includes Kranjska Gora, Vršič Pass, Soča Trail and Brda Region. 

The trail is divided into 43 stages. Every stage is around 20 km long, and each takes about 6 hours to walk. It is very well signed, has an excellent offer of accommodation and restaurants, and provides beautiful views along the way. 

It was awarded as the National Geographic Traveler’s Top Ten – Best New Trails 2014 & 2016; National Geographic Germany Top 7 Trails Worldwide; National Geographic USA Best Secret Tip 2018 and Best Austrian hiking Trail 2018.

Slovenia Multi-activity Trips

For people who want to experience as much of Slovenia and different outdoor activities as possible, multi-activity trips are going to be a perfect choice. Slovenia is relatively small – and you can easily cover most of its best attractions in one week tour. Multi-activity tours include a visit to the Alps, Radone River, Bohinj Lake, Vogel, Bled, and other popular outdoor destinations. Activities provided are rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, hiking, and mountain biking. Get in touch with us and we can structure custom tour that will fit your desires and preferences.


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