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Stunning beaches of Dubrovnik to clean your body and soul.

Welcome to Dubrovnik, the city full of majestic historic monuments, high end clientele and… beautiful, pristine beaches. After you have seen all the top sites in Dubrovnik, check our blog on 15 must see sites in Dubrovnik, there is time to go beach-hunting as some of the beaches in Dubrovnik are are the best ones in whole Croatia. Here is our choice of top five beaches in the outskirts of Dubrovnik. This itinerary page is specially dedicated to heart-pumping activities all around the Croatian coast and one of the stations is gorgeous Dubrovnik. If you are used to intensive adrenaline activities, check it out

Sveti Jakov beach

Located near the old part of town. If you like tanning in the secluded areas or just want to snap a few photos for social media, Sveti Jakov is a perfect place for you. You will be surrounded by flawless blue sea while you are tanning your back by the coast. While doing that, you will see how the old city of Dubrovnik is near you so can enjoy in sight of an old fortress. If you want to take a break from swimming, you can go around and discover numerous boskets and cliffs that will offer you a stunning view on the Adriatic Sea. There are also few facilities in the vicinity so you can sit for a while to have a drink or a snack.

Pasjača beach

The place perfect for serious swimming activities and spending time with your family. Even more, it recently won the prize for the best beach in Europe. For the most years, Pasjača beach was a secluded area far away from the human sight. But, in the recent years it became widely inhabited by tourists and wanderlust who just want few hours of tranquillizing meditation. The beach itself is in the practical position and you can easily walk from the center of Dubrovnik on the pathway surrounded by hanging cliffs. Although the beach is relatively small in its size, you should reserve at least one afternoon for walking to it and discover how the trip was totally worth it. Pasjača beach is located in the Konavle region which is famous for its wine. So, dedicate one day for trying some of the sorts in local houses/vineyards and conclude your day by watching sunset at Pasjača beach. Have a mesmerizing afternoon!  

Banje beach

Do you like sending postcards? You probably saw Banje beach on one of them. It is one of the main reasons why some people are visiting Dubrovnik in the first place. Most of the time, he place attracts huge crowds. But, if you like a good party, you should come here more often. Located in old city’s neighborhood, Banje beach is a perfect bathing spot for those who want to catch breath after Dubrovnik center sightseeing. The whole place is often in ecstasy because hundreds of people can be seen in a single moment there. So, make your best pose and take a selfie with the old fortress in the background. You won’t find nearer place for bathing in the strict city center so we warmly suggest that you take an opportunity and spend some quality few hours there. There are numerous apartments in the vicinity so make sure you book one of them and enjoy the splendid view on the old city center. 

Srebreno beach

Located in big tourist complex, Srebreno beach attracts tourists from nearby hotels and apartments. It is worth mentioning that the biggest Dubrovnik mall is located in the vicinity. So, why don’t you have some useful shopping and then go to Srebreno beach for a good amount of swimming and sun tanning?  You will be surrounded by good amount of restaurants, coffee shops and bars so you will never be thirsty or hungry while there. The whole location offers a contemporary approach of facilities and it is oasis for those who would like to spend some hours doing shopping or drinking coffee in a fancy bar. The beach itself is surrounded by guests from nearby hotels so sometimes is difficult to find a desired spot. But, generally looking, Srebreno is fine example of the beach that offers almost all needed contents in near vicinity. So, if you want to spend your entire holiday there, you can do just that and you will be satisfied.

Uvala beach

Walking some 20 minutes from the center of Dubrovnik can be very beneficial, especially when your desired destination is Uvala beach. If you like exploring new, undiscovered places with your family, go check it out! The beach offers numerous hidden pathways that can lead you to smaller beaches and coves with no people. The whole place attracts people from around the Europe and world and it is a great spot for meeting new friends and acquaintances. Located in the area of Lapad, the beach is surrounded by hotels, bars and coffee shops so you can successfully combine leisure on the beach with enjoying coffee in one of the nearby bars.  


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