Best of Croatia in 10 days – Greenery of National Park Mljet & Korcula Island (Episode 4)

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Another day, yet another spectacular islands.  The shortest way to describe an island hopping on the Croatian coast would include waking up to the sound of sea, birds and summer breeze, followed by a delicious breakfast on a private yacht deck. Enjoy local home made food while you cruise on the clearest blue waters to your next island indulgence.

Find out why is island of Mljet the most seductive island in the Adriatic according to the Lonely Planet and why people like Prince Charles come back after visiting for the first time. The island, so immaculate that over two-thirds of it is one of Croatia’s most beautiful national parks, famous for it’s two spectacular salty lakes in the middle of it which are. By the world, a world phenomena since the lakes are consisting of salt water.

Also if you love Greek mythology, you will adore being on Mljet, since it’s considered to be the beautiful island of Ogygia where the nymph Calypso kept Odysseus captive for seven years. After mythological experience, we cruised to the birthplace of Marco Polo, charming island of Korčula.

Walking its medieval streets arranged in a herringbone pattern, attending Moreška – a traditional sword dance were just some of the things we have done on the island.. Simply be pleased with The  Mediterranean as it once was.

We have ended the the day with a breathtaking sunset on a yacht while sailing to Croatia’s most popular island Hvar.

Highlights of the day:

  • Mediterranean breakfast on a private yacht while cruising  one of the most gorgeous sceneries on the Adriatic
  • Visit to National Park  and island Mljet
  • Visit island Korčula – the birth place of Marco Polo

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