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Venice sights that provoke sighs.

When you arrive in Venice, you can choose to go in all kinds of directions. Sometimes, it is hard what to choose first because there are so many options and your time is most likely limited. In order to see it all you need great planning and tactics. You need certain tactics. We are presenting a list of 15 locations and venues you could visit so you don’t lose time researching on your own. One of our itinerary page is mentioning Venice as a part of the wholesome trip. Check it out to learn more!

St. Mark’s basilica

Probably the most famous cultural and historical monument in Venice. Also, it is one of the first things you will see after you arrive in Venice by boat. The building was erected at the beginning of the past millennium and withstood the test of time. The church is graced by meticulous ornaments that were put on the facade. You really need to have an observational eye to catch all the details that are displayed around the main portal. Interior is even more impressive because of the numerous frescos and ornamented ceilings that are preserved just like they were painted yesterday. Take a few good photos of it from the square of St Marco. But, nothing beats the feeling of going around the basilica and observing peculiar artistic segments that are exposed in the front and back layouts.

St. Mark’s square

A nifty spot for taking photos. Many tourists are gathering around this square to capture the best possible selfie from the destined spot. If you just came to Venice and cannot decide where to go next, decide it while mingling on this prodigious square. The square was the center of government institutions in the past. Today, few stores and coffee shops can be found beneath the propositionally lined pillars surrounding the square. Be careful, considering this is Venice, prices can go through the roof. But, since you will be treated by the astonishing view of St. Marc’s square and St. Mark’s basilica, spending few euros more for a cup of coffee is not such a bad thing.  

Canale grande

Most of the nautical traffic is revolving here. If you rent a gondola, there is a high possibility that you will end up on Canale grande eventually. It connects the outer sea and the center of the city. Since the channel is fairly big, you will see many historic buildings and monuments that lie on the channel banks. Oldest of them originate from 13th century. It is great to sail with a professional guide because you will most likely get a few interesting insights about the buildings you passed by. One of the great activities is to leisurely walk by the banks of the channel and observe the undergoing action on the water. If you watch it during the sunset, it will be like the people are coming straight from the center of the sun.

Ponte de Rialto

One of just a few bridges that span across the Canale grande. Ponte Rialto is probably the most famous of them all. The bridge represents a nexus point of the tourist activities in the city as it connects two districts: San Marco and San Polo. Originally, Ponte de Rialto was a simple wooden bridge for migration between two parts of the city. But, after it collapsed, architects decided that the stone bridge would be more suitable. Its two parts are almost symmetric and are perfectly juxtaposed with the position of the canal. Around the channel, many souvenir shops are located and you can also grab a lunch in one of the trattorias.

Gallerie dell Academia

This museum showcases pre 19th century arts of the famous masters like Bellini, Canaletto and Titian. Formerly a convent, a building was converted into the museum in 1700’s. If you are admirer of the Renaissance art, you will see many exhibits that originate from that era. In 18th century, unlike other large European cities, there was no academy for the artisan union. To fix this, the Senate ordered a foundation of an academy of sculpture, painting and civil architecture. You probably heard of the famous Da Vinci’s sketch Vitruvian man; this is where it is showcased. It is considered to be one of the most important museums you could visit during your stay in Venice because it is representing artists who heavily influenced the history of European painting.

Venice Lido

Sometimes, while you are in Venice, you need to get away from the city hubbub and find some secluded, serene place. Venice Lido is the perfect place for that It is a separate island that serves as some sort of boundary between Venice city and the Adriatic Sea. Although it is not crowded like the famous Venice centre, Lido is a home to approximately 20.000 inhabitants. Also, it offers fairly solid touristic content. So, expect to see a line of coffee shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation facilities. It serves as a great getaway from Venice as you can home here to ease your thoughts.

Doges palace

We are back at St. Mark’s square! This time, we are telling you something about renowned Doges Palace. You can easily reach it from the main square; it is just by the grand channel on the east. Its appearance is equally mesmerizing and impressive, just like the St.Mark’s basilica. Its façade is dominated by stunningly designed arches made out of white stone. In addition, you can see that ornamented on it patterns are shaped like a little diamonds. If you stay long enough by the palace, you will notice that its façade changes colors according to the time of day. The interior is evenly delightful and all of its integral parts are presented in original, unchanged shape.

Bridge of sighs

Although small, the bridge of size is one of the most monument landmarks in Venice. It was built in 17th century and it passes over Rio De Pallazo and it connects Prigione Nuove to Doge’s palace. You are probably wondering about the name of the bridge. Well, legend says that, in the past times, officials were taking criminals over this bridge. Then, as they passed it, criminals took one last look at Venice and sighed. They knew that their dead punishment/imprisonment is very near. More romantic belief says that if a romantic couple goes under the bridge, they will be blessed with eternal love!

Vaporetto ride through the Grand Canale

There are many ways to experience perks and peculiarities of Venice. But, people say that you should definitely go around the points of interest with Vaporetto. Sometimes, walk on foot can be tiring and strenuous and you can lose a lot of time. Vaporetto is considered one of the quickest ways to go around the city. Ticket sellers can offer you a continuous pass so you don’t have to buy a new ticket every time you go on Vapporeto ride. So, sit back and enjoy the sights of Venice which is passing by in a most majestic way.

San Marco Campanile

While arriving at St. Mark’s square, one of the first things you will notice is a gigantic, walloping building in front of you. It is San Marco campanile, the tallest structure in Venice. Unfortunately, the tower is just a reconstruction of the original facility because the original building collapsed in 1902. The origins of the tower can be traced to 9th century when Campanile was used as a watch tower. Its general layout may seem simple at first, but bell part at the top is a treat for your eyes as it is beautifully ornamented with arches and stonework. You can admire it from the square, but for the best possible experience, take the elevator to the top and see one of the most breathtaking views in the whole city.

San Giorgio Maggiore

Another famous tourist attraction in the city of Venice. Tourists are visiting this relatively small piece of land when they want to find their own seclusion after they are done with Venice sightseeing. It is easy to access the island as Vaporettos and taxi boats are operating every day. Like Venice itself, few historic monuments are situated on the island. That includes San Giorgio Monastery, The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore and huge a campanile that is very similar to the one which is situated at the St. Mark’s square. Climb up the campanile to see majestic Venice that is shining in the background. You can also see Venice’s Pallazo Ducale which is relatively unseen if you are going to look for it from the campanile on St. Mark’s square. The queues are almost non-existent and we can also recommend you to check the glass museum “Le Stanze Del Vetro”  


Some characteristics of the island are similar to Venice so Murano can basically be called “Venice in little”. Area is actually made out of several small islands that are interconnected by the number of canals and bridges. The whole island is colorful because the houses that can be found there are painted in rainbow colors. Enjoy sightseeing nifty points of interest including Basilica dei Santa Maria, the Campo Santo Stefano and the Palazzo Da Mula. Every church and bell tower has its own unique architectural characteristics so they are worth at least a short visit. But, Murano gained its global recognition because of the glass blowing craft. You can even watch the presentation of blowing glass that is presented in one of the workshops. Afterwards, you just cannot leave without buying a little, symbolic souvenir in a shape of a glass that is made on the island. In the end, you can just sit in one of the local coffee shops/restaurants and observe the spirited life of local residents and excitement in the eyes of other tourists.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Asunta

Also known as I Gesuiti, the church is located in the Cannaregio region of Venice. Visitors will be bedazzled by the outer appearance of this Church which is decorated by statues of religious figures and several stone columns. Although it is one of the newer Venice churches, it is equally impressive as the older sites around the city. The interior contains significant ornaments and decorated details such as Martydom of St. Lawrence by Titian. When walking through the city, just seek for the grand bronze door. It is a sign that the astonishing interior of Chiesa is right behind them.

Basillica di Santa Maria Della Salute

The location of this basilica is just by the canal that lies next to the St.Marks basilica. Often overshadowed by the more famous Venice locations, basilica is visited by the people who wish to go around the city more thoroughly. Designed in the baroque style, it was finished in 1687 and served as a Roman Catholic Church. The exterior is ornamented by the statues of the apostles and the main dome towers above the skyline. Although the church is not so recognized by the groups of tourists, its exterior appearance is more ornamented and festive looking than some other Venice churches. But, the interior gives the real experience for every visitor. Since the space inside is vast and wide, you can feel the sunshine on your face because the sun comes from the hexagonal openings on the church’s various edges. So, make sure you come in the right time of the day.

Torcello island

Once again, at the end of this article, we are presenting you the place which stands out in terms of tranquility, atmosphere and general energy that is spread around the place. Although it may take you a little longer (the ferry ride to the island will take 45 minutes of your time) the pleasant outlook of the village will give you vibes of some serene countryside which is self –sufficient and their inhabitants are happy. Main Street of the Torcello will take you to the divine local church. Dedicated to Mary, Mother of Jesus, this church has its origins in 7th century. Every piece of its interior can be considered a work of art. So, make sure you bring a good guide with you who will explain the back stories of its marble columns and splendidly detailed mosaics.        


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