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Meet Bosnian people and its charisma through 11 different characteristics.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

When roaming through inhabited and relatively uninhabited parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one part of the experience is socializing with locals. It is one of the best ways to have an insight of their customs, habits and traditions. This article will list several reasons why you should make an extra effort and start mingling with local people. When you see their true spirit, any language barrier will become less important. Because, when talking with Bosnians, it is a conversation with honest hearts. This is a list of their personal traits. One of the best ways to meet Bosnian people is to roam around the country in search for significant customs and diverting traditions. This itinerary will move you closer to the locals!

1. Hospitality: Every nation in this world has a certain degree of hospitality. When you come to someone’s place, you will be usually greeted with homemade treats and some delicious welcoming specialties made by your hosts. Bosnia is no exception. Very likely, your new acquaintances will serve you some fresh burek and invite you to have a coffee and chat with them. The hours will pass and you will start to discover a Bosnian in you.

2. Sociable: Bosnians have a habit of drinking coffee for hours and talking about various topics in the same time. While walking through the gathering places in the country, you will probably see people of all ages having a chat while drinking their favorite beverage. That’s the best way to catch up with others so don’t hesitate to save a few hours to learn something new from the locals.

3. Down to earth: Some nations have a negative reputation because of the people who are pompous and pretentious. As for Bosnian people, that label doesn’t exist. Of course, there is a certain gap between social classes, but it doesn’t mean that locals exaggerate their personalities. Nobody knows for sure why the people are like that. But, one thing is certain; you will hardly find an arrogant Bosnian. If you do, better turn around and run.

4. Diversity: Bosnia is known for its ethnic diversity. There are 3 major groups within the borders who identify as Bosnians. Bosniaks and Muslims are a majority in the region of Bosnia. Croats are common for Herzegovina and Serbs can be found in the entity of Srpska Republic. Every ethnic group has its own traditions and they are very proud to share it with everyone who respects their ideology and beliefs.

5. Progressive: Despite war conflicts that took many innocent lives during 1990’s, young people are generally very optimistic about the future. There are several start – up programs in the country that were launched to improve the social situation. As we mentioned before, many Bosnian people are very sociable and they will very gladly spend a few hours with their friends drinking coffee and chatting rather than stay at home and feel sorry for themselves.

6. Secular: Although many people are extremely faithful to their beliefs, Bosnians tend to be very tolerating of other religious groups. Many of the Muslim people tend to celebrate Christmas in Bosnia with their Catholic friends. Likewise, Christians are more than happy to attend Ramadan events. In the today’s world, there are undergoing wars because people come to religious disagreements. Bosnian people are showing us that religion barriers are only in our heads.

7. Family values: Bonds with our family are sometimes the only thing that makes us sane and clearheaded. But, in many countries in the world, young members of the family refuse to care about their elderly family members because they are too busy. Bosnian people tend to make strong and valuable connections with their families. It is very common for several generations to live in a single house. So, expect to receive a warm welcome from sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers.

8. Easy to make friends: Words are unnecessary here. When you come to a certain house, people will probably start a conversation by asking where are you from. If you happen to be in some kind of trouble, they will gladly help you out. Don’t be afraid if you see that your host is curious. Bosnians want to know everything and they will use the information to make a stronger connection with you

9. Bosnians speak directly: If you are honest, straightforward person, it is an advantage. While meeting locals and initiating a communication, be prepared that your new friends will speak their minds. The questions are asked directly without using too many needles words. So, if someone asks you if you are married, take it in the best possible way: The conversation will just get better and better. Questions like that don’t leave any room for miscommunication. As for the words, few is more in Bosnia.

10. Bosnians speak English: Many young people are surrounded with content from media and can communicate with foreigners in English to the certain degree. In the past, their parents were visiting other countries like Germany and Italy and sometimes, they skillfully handle with languages from those countries too.

11. Laid back attitude: It is simply a way of life. No matter how hard the life maybe for Bosnians, they will almost always use the opportunity for smiling and laughing. You will see that attitude when meeting the locals. Just don’t be shy while expressing your ideas and feelings. Your generosity in words will be quickly rewarded by equally captivating friendliness. People are life and Bosnians will always try to make your life easier through their one of a kind philosophy.  


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