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All the best things to do in Dubrovnik

This charismatic city is certainly one of the most significant places on Earth. It is like a history book that opened in right front of you.

Here are best things to do in Dubrovnik. Welcome to Dubrovnik. There is so many ways to explore this historic city. Everyone has its own method of enjoyment so we cannot imply something you wouldn’t like. But, we can give you handful advises for consideration so once you decide to visit you can pick from our list and enjoy the city in your style. We are bringing you 20 things we believe should not be missed in the city. This itinerary suggests Dubrovnik for the last day and before that, you can visit some other unprecedented gems of the Adriatic Sea. Check this itinerary to see what we are talking about.

Meet the variety of historic relicts at Rector’s palace

Rector’s palace

One of the finest examples of secular architecture in Dubrovnik. It is located between the town hall and the church of St. Blaise. It is a fascinating example of the gothic and renaissance architecture. The whole palace had a troublesome history as it was damaged and destroyed numerous times. But, after every occasion, it was renovated and today it represents the mixture of architectural styles that were actual through the history. Today, the palace is the home of the history department to the museum of Dubrovnik. There is a permanent exhibition of numerous historic portraits, coats of arms painting and the coins minted by the republic

Treat yourself nicely at restaurant Dubrovnik

This restaurant will make you feel like a king from the very beginning. Right after you enter the facility, you will be greeted by maitre’d and qualified sommelier. Then you will be escorted to your place and the feast can officially begin. There are many places in Adriatic that deserve a Michelin star, but we think that this place deserves one of a kind recognition. Refined theatrics of the restaurant are just the beginning; just wait till you try the food. The restaurant combines some of the well known European flavors with traditionally great tastes of the Adriatic. You can choose between some classic dishes like fish, pork and stake. But, if you like to experiment, ask the waiter to surprise you, people say that the fig pastry desserts are one of a kind.

Explore city walls from a totally different perspective and go kayaking

Kayaking Dubrovnik
Kayaking Dubrovnik

One of the most romantic tours you will encounter while visiting Dubrovnik. After the day of sightseeing the old part of city, it is time to see Dubrovnik from a completely different angle, surrounded by therapeutic waters and melodies of splashing waves. The tour costs about 200 kunas per person and your host will make sure you are not hungry or thirsty. You will be fully equipped with life jackets and your tour under the old walls of Dubrovnik can begin. The tour incorporates some of the most notable locations in Dubrovnik. But, eventually, your tour hosts can have a few surprises up his sleeve. So, be ready for some unexpected twists and turns along your way.

Dubrovnik memorial museum

In the war from 1991. to 1995, there were many young people who went to the war. Unfortunately, many of them didn’t return to their homes as they perished at the front. In Dubrovnik memorial museum, you can see a huge number of photography’s of defenders with a short explanations by it. Exhibitions are very heartbreaking and emotional but strong in symbolism and overall message about meaningless wars.

Grab a drink with a fascinating view at Buža Bar

You probably heard of this place before. It is located near the cathedral and the Church of St. Blaise. Just follow the side street and you will find yourself facing the Adriatic Sea. Buža Bar gets its name from the entrance. Buža means “a little hole”. While having your favorite drink by the cliffs, you will maybe feel the urge to jump to the magnificent sea bellow. But, after you embrace the calming atmosphere, you will probably want to stay in the same position for hours. Look around you to see the horizon and the island of Lokrum nearby. Since the bar is in the strict center, the prices can be overwhelming. But, after all, the view is astonishingly priceless. 

Sail along calm waters to the island of Lokrum

Island Lokrum

It is a small island in the near vicinity of Dubrovnik, just 600 meters from it. The largest park in Dubrovnik, it is the place of enormous significance for those who want to travel beyond the old city center and discover some hidden gems outside. You can be easily fascinated by divine landscapes and the lively green forest. The island is opened form April to October and departures from Dubrovnik are every hour. So, while making plans and reservations, make sure that the desired day is nice, because the boat doesn’t sail if the weather is bad.  You can get a 20 to 30% discount if you purchase a Dubrovnik card.     

Try the finest of Dubrovnik’s culinary, the Nautika restaurant

Some people call it “The Dubrovnik’s finest restaurant. Certainly, it is the most high class place you could eat in Dubrovnik. When celebrities come in the city, Nautika restaurant is very often their first choice. Its prestigious location is calling famous people to join the feast. But, location is just a first step into greatness, the food there is really on the highest level. Many people say that the cuisine of the chef Mario Bunda is the most exquisite. Everything is made from local, fresh ingredients. Staff of the restaurant will make sure you stay fed and pleasured. So, lose some serious calories while sightseeing because in most cases, Nautika restaurant have 5 or 7 course menus.  We think is totally worth it. 

Strength you muscles by rock climbing on Brgat

In the vicinity of Dubrovnik, there are many rocky areas worth exploring and climbing. One of them is Brgat, it is the set of little villages with rocky surroundings. Many adventure seekers are leaving the famous sites of Dubrovnik to recreate themselves. There are a number of 15 climbing routes you can try, depending on your skills, strength and motivation. Many of the routes are suitable for beginners so you don’t have to worry you will fall or hurt yourself. If you don’t feel too self confident, you can hire an instructor who will show you all the safety measures.

Discover the fascinating history of Dubrovnik in Rupe Ethographic museum

Have you ever been wondering how the people of old Dubrovnik looked like? Visit the Rupe Etnographic museum to see the raw display of old attires, dresses and fashion from 18th and 19th century. The museum is located in the Dubrovnik republic’s granary which was used in old times for the storage of grain. Today, the museum holds the large collection of the Dubrovnik ethnographic heritage. There are also numerous others nation represented, especially the ones surrounding Croatia.  But the most prominent exhibits are dresses and festive attires from the islands of Mljet, Lastovo, Pelješac, Korčula…

Take cable car ride to the mount of Srđ

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik cable car up to Mt. Srd

Many people who visit Dubrovnik are enthusiastically boarding the famous cable car that goes on the mount of Srđ. While ascending with a cable car, you can gaze upon the city of Dubrovnik in its most majestic form. The look of Dubrovnik is getting better and better as you are steadily climbing up to the hill. Among other things, you will see the old city walls, Lokrum Island and the Elaphiti islands. On the top of the hill there is a souvenir shop in which you can buy something of a symbolic value for a long remembrance. There is also a restaurant called “Panorama” if you want to complete your experience with a delicious lunch.

Treasure that is not so hidden anymore at Dubrovnik cathedral and treasury

The roots of this cathedral stretch to 7th century. Around 10th century it was rebuilt and decorated with frescas. Around 12th century, another magnificent church was built around the older facility and it is said that the building was financed by Richard the lion heart. It was suitable for a king, but it was mostly destroyed in an earthquake in 1667. Rebuilding quickly went underway and it was finished in 1713. The cathedral is worth visiting because of its rich treasury. There are over 138 gold and silver reliquaries, most of were made by Dubrovnik goldsmiths from 11th to 17th century.

Look around you and behold the Loggia square

Loggia square in old town

For many years, it has been a central meeting point for tourists and locals. Many of the Dubrovnik’s famous monuments and buildings are situated there. So, tourists who come there to mingle can stay for a long time to discover all the wonders of the old city center. The most prominent buildings include Orlando’s column which was built by sculptor Antonio Ragustino. There is also famous Loggia of Bells from 1480 which was used as an early warning system in case of an emergency. Stay for little longer tovisit the church of St. Blaise which is notable for its façade and you will be amazed by its priceless collection of artworks inside.  Among other monuments are the small fountain and Onorfio and a clock tower from 15th century. 

Explore the modernism at the museum of modern art Dubrovnik

The building was founded in 1945. Initially it was thought as a residential mansion of Dubrovnik’s ship owner BožoBanac. The museum got its final form as it museum is juxtaposed with renaissance architecture of Dubrovnik’s old city center. The whole museum is an exquisite example of contemporary art forms from the beginning of a 20th century. Ask your local guide for exhibition information. The museum is especially vibrant in the summertime because of the numerous art happenings, performances and thematic shows

Conquer the Fort of St. John

The fort of St. John

In the old days of Dubrovnik’s republic, the purpose of the fort was to protect the city’s port. The fort defended the harbor from the south while the east side was protected by the fort of St. Luke. The mechanism that was constructed for preventing the unwanted boats to enter was rather simple, but very effective. Two forts, St. John’s and St. Luke’s were connected by the chain. The chain was so strong that it managed to tear the boats apart upon touching. Many of port’s cannons were taken away by the Austrians and moved to Vienna. But, some of the cannons can be found today on the city walls. Also, if you wish to enter the city walls, one of the three entrances is located near the port of St. John.

Be on the top of the world at the Fort Lovrijenac

The “Croatian Gibraltar” is one of the most impressive Dubrovnik’s locations. In the old days of Dubrovnik’s republic, the prime importance of the fort was to protect was to protect the western part of the city. There is a legend about the people of Venice who tried to conquer the city by building a fort. The people were ready and the location also. But, the people of Dubrovnik learned about this plan and forestalled the Venetians by building the fort on the very same spot. The fortress was upgraded several times from its construction and it was thoroughly repaired after an earthquake in 1667. Tourists who come to visit the fortress are greeted with a sign that says “Non Bene pro toto libertas vendi turauro” or “Freedom is not sold for all the gold in the world”.

Stroll around Stradun street

Dubrovnik Croatia

Stradun is Dubrovnik’s main street. It is a genuine meeting point for all the locals and tourists who want to be seen socializing. Stradun is actually a dividing point in the city which segregates the northern part from the southern one. Once in the old times, Stradun was a channel that divided small island on which the Dubrovnik was built from the mainland. Since the Stradun is completely car free, there are numerous cafes, bars and restaurants for those who wish to enjoy on the promenade. Nearly every little street is somehow connected to Stradun so you will come across it sooner or later. But, be careful, prices on Stradun can be over the top expansive.

Check the outside of the Revelin fort before you come inside

The initial fort was built in 1463 during the ruling of Ottomans. The fortress was built as a detached fortress for an additional protection of the eastern part of the city. The name comes from the Italian word Revelino which is a term in architecture that indicates the fort built opposite to the weakest points in the city defense system. It took 11 years to build and after the initialization of construction in 1538, all the other constructions in Dubrovnik were stopped. The new Revelin has become the strongest fortress in the city. It was so well made that even the famous earthquake of 1667 couldn’t harm it. Today, the inside of the Revelin is used for nightclub parties.

Rave on the the nightclub Revelin

You probably heard about the fascinating history of the Revelin fortress but wait till you hear about the exciting activities that are held today there. Revelin fortress became a nightclub in which hard dancing is a priority. It is opened till the early morning hours and often has some prominent international DJ-s. Party is guaranteed as you will jump around motivated with a light show around you. Bartenders are swinging flaming drinks around you and the dancers are making the atmosphere utterly hot. So, if sleeping after sightseeing is not a thing for you, come check the action in the Revelin fortress.

Find your Zen at Elafiti islands

The island of Lopud, Elafiti islands

Elaphiti islands are an archipelago of several islands slightly northwest of Dubrovnik. Not including the small islets, there are six islands in the archipelago. But, the main ones to stay on are Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. If you would like to spend some time from the urban civilization, we recommend staying on Koločep and Lopud which are completely car free. You will be surrounded by fresh, shimmering waters and nature that is innocent and pristine. Three main islands are mostly uninhabited and they have population with less than 1000 people. The islands got their name from the Greek world Elafos which means deer. The islands were mostly populated by deers and the place known for its skillful mariners who were coming here very often


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