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Can Americans visit Croatia after July 1?

There is a lot of uncertainties and unknown. EU opened up its boarders but can Americans come to Croatia despite EU closing the boarders to USA arrivals. It looks like they can and it is because Croatia is not part of the Schengen zone so the same rules do not apply to Croatia as it does to all other countries that are part of the Schengen zone.

Any travelers from USA can enter Croatia through transit via Schengen country. There should be no problem of entrance with right documentation, which Via can prepare, and make sure the entrance runs smoothly. As Travel Croatia News mentioned on their official website, more documents you have the better for the airline to let you on the flight. There are many different rules and it is crucial you go to your trip prepared.

What Croatian boarder police told to Travel Croatia News:

“”Croatia is open for tourism with paid accommodation outside the EU. Croatia is not in the Schengen zone, and so you can transit through a Schengen airport and come to Croatia, no problem, as long as you have the right documentation.

The main advice is the more documentation, the better. This should include at least:

  1. Proof of paid accommodation.
  2. The confirmation email after you fill in the entercroatia.mup.hr form.
  3. The latest IATA guidelines for travel to Croatia.””

IMPORTANT: As of July 10, 2020, U.S. citizens arriving to Croatia for tourism, business, urgent personal reasons, or educational purposes must present a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours (starting from the time of taking the swab until arrival at the border crossing).


Other foreigners who do not hold the citizenship of an EU/EEA Member State or the aforementioned countries, nor have regulated stay in those countries and are not members of the families of citizens of these countries, may enter the Republic of Croatia, but upon arrival at the border crossing point they must prove their reason for entering the Republic of Croatia which could be:

Business reasons / economic interest of the Republic of Croatia – it is necessary to present documentation proving the business reason for the visit to the Republic of Croatia or the economic interest of the Republic of Croatia such as an invitation to a meeting of an economic entity from the Republic of Croatia, status of a board member, ownership or co-ownership share in a company registered in the Republic of Croatia, documentation on the agreed business obligation with a natural or legal person etc.

Tourist – it is necessary to present a confirmation of the reservation or paid accommodation in one of the accommodation facilities in the Republic of Croatia (e.g. confirmation of the reservation of accommodation of all accommodation providers / all registered types of accommodation, lease contract or lump sum payment of a camp, permanent berth contract in a nautical tourism port, confirmation of berth reservation in a nautical tourism port, travel agency voucher, confirmation of paid one-day trip, etc.)

Personal urgent reasons – it is necessary to present valid documentation in case of:

  • participation in weddings (e.g. invitation, record of expressed intention to marry, etc.)
  • going to a funeral – (e.g. death certificate, obituary)
  • participation in graduation ceremonies (e.g. proof of graduation ceremony)
  • going to treatment or accompanying the person going for treatment (e.g. medical call, confirmation of scheduled medical / dental examination, doctor’s recommendation)
  • sports obligations (e.g. invitation to participate in the competition)
  • education (e.g. proof of education / studying – index, certificate of educational institution, etc.)

If you are the owner or lessee (also applies to leaseholders) of real estate, movable property or seagoing vessel (ship, yacht, etc.) in the Republic of Croatia, border control at the border crossing point to the Republic of Croatia must be accompanied by documentation proving the ownership of a real estate/movable property in the Republic of Croatia (e.g. title deed / contract); members of the owner’s family will be allowed to enter upon presentation of a valid document from which the kinship with the owner is visible.

Despite that we still recommend that everyone reads government recommendation on traveling abroad. We are not pushing anyone to travel and we are just ready for whenever you are! The update was taken from Total Croatia News.


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