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All you need to know about chartering a boat in Croatia

If you are thinking about chartering the boat this should help you get all the answers and how to’s. Please read our frequently asked questions below to help you through the booking process. It is crucial for you to pick the right boat and prepare yourself for the trip in order to have the best travel experience on the destination.

Before deciding which boat you take, please be aware of the following details:

  • How many people will be on the boat?
  • Is comfort important to you?
  • Are you travelling as couples who can share a cabin, or with singles who need a cabin of their own?
  • Do you need a Crew service? If you need a crew do not forget to reserve a place for them too, either in the saloon area or in a cabin.
  • Some Sailing vessels, Gulets, Motor yachts, Mega yachts which are exceeding certain length are exclusively chartered with crew. In that case the crew expenses are included in the charter fee.

Which boat is the right one? How do I pick the right size?

The choice of the boat depends on your wishes and preferences, the budget, and the level of comfort you expect. Also, the faster the boat more ground you can cover, but that also comes at the higher price tag. Via Tours Croatia has access to over 3000 vessels and highlighted options can be seen on our website charter page.

Type of vessels available to charter in Croatia and beyond:

Sailing yachts (monohulls) are preferred by families and active vacation seekers. It is most cost effective way to charter the boat but it also has the least comfort, so if you expect more comfort and space, this might not be the best option for you. Can be chartered with valid license without the skipper.

  • 2 cabins, up to 4 persons in double cabin
  • 3 cabins, up to 6 persons in double cabin
  • 4 cabins, up to 8 persons in double cabin
  • 5 cabins, up to 10 persons in double cabin

Our itinerary page has a set of yachts that can suit you nicely during your vacation. Visit our itinerary page to find some vessels that you like.

Catamarans are very comfortable and stable choice, which guarantees faster sailing and much more comfort. Most common to charter as it offers the best balance between the price, size, and overall value. Most of times must be chartered with the skipper. If we go into 50ft and larger catamarans usually they will come with attached crew as well.

  • 3 cabins, up to 6 persons in double cabin
  • 4 cabins, up to 8 persons in double cabin
  • 5 cabins, up to 10 persons in double cabin

To choose a catamaran that suits your needs, visit our itinerary page

Motor & Mega yachts are the perfect choice for speed cruising aficionados. Also, this is reserved for VIP clients wanting full comfort and stress free vacation. The yacht will come fully crewed and full of entertainment.  

  • 2 cabins, up to 4 persons in double cabin
  • 3 cabins, up to 6 persons in double cabin
  • 4 cabins, up to 8 persons in double cabin
  • 5 cabins, up to 10 persons in double cabin

To freely roam on the Adriatic Sea with motor and super yachts, choose something for yourself on our itinerary page.

Gulets available only with crew (captain, sailor, cook, hostess), combines the strength of motor and sails. The gulets are old classic style wooden yacht reconstructed into luxury motor sailors. Amazing for bigger families, group of friends or family. Definitely type of vessels that offer most comfort.

  • up to 12 persons in 6 double cabins
  • up to 16 persons in 8 double cabins
  • up to 18 persons in 9 double cabins
  • up to 22 pers in 11 double cabins

Choose some our comfort gulets to hosts your families and friends on our itinerary page.

How do you book a boat?

To book a vessel please do contact our Customer Care team. If you haven’t decided yet, we will help you choose a boat to your liking. Our experienced Yachting Department will prepare couple of choices based on your wishes and the budget. Once you pick your boat 50% deposit is needed to secure the vessel and the rest is most of the time paid 60 days prior to the arrival.

For how long can I book the boat?

Regular charters are always booked from Saturday to Saturday (7, 14 and more days). However, this is the rule for most sail boats, catamarans, and gulets. Motor yachts can go by day and can be chartered with start day to be any day of the week. There are some exceptions to catamarans so best to contact us for details and options once you have set dates in mind.

What qualifications do I need for chartering a bareboat?

If you would like to charter a boat on your own, without a Via Tours Crew, you must posses a valid certificate of competence and valid VHF license.

Do I have to hire a skipper while chartering a boat?

If you don’t have any sailing experience and if you don’t posses a valid sailing license you are obligated to hire a skipper. Our skippers are all professionals and they know the area very well. However, in most cases this is only the option with sailing boats and catamarans while with all other vessels captain/skipper will be part of your charter and included in the cost.

Other possible crew members and their duties?

Hostess is available 24/7 prepares breakfast and light lunch, in charge of cleaning and preparing rooms

Cook main focus on preparing special requested meals, including dinner, serves and presents the meals

Is the skipper rate included in the price? What costs are associated with the crew?

The skipper service is paid separately from the charter fee in catamarans and sail boats if not mentioned otherwise. The guest have to pay for the Crew service (skipper, hostess, cook) and their board expanses. You do not have to invite the crew for restaurant meal if you don’t like to but in that case you can negotiate with the crew daily allowance for their board expanses.

Tips are never included in the charter rate. Tips usually amount to 5-10% of the charter rate.

Where does the skipper and crew sleep?

The skipper and the crew sleeps in separate skipper/crew cabin the yacht.

What additional costs should we be prepared for?

The charter fee presents the basic cost. Additional costs are Marina fees, fuel consumption and above expanses associated with the crew. Some vessels do include more items such as fuel or half board (mini-cruisers) so always check price inclusion section to make sure you understand inclusions for particular vessel.

Can children be aboard?

Yes, children can be aboard, but you have to supervise them all the time and prepare special security standards for them. We strongly recommend to order a safety net, life vests and harnesses for children (when chartering sail boat or catamaran).

Can we take pets aboard?

Depending on the rules of the charter agency, it may or may not be allowed to take pets on the boat. Please always contact us first and we will check it for you. In case it is allowed, there are special rules associated for their safety which we will mentioned depanding on the vessel chartered.

Is there a Wifi aboard?

Croatia is covered well with wifi service, and most of our charter boats have wifi available on board, but with limited amount of GB. Please make sure to let us know how much GB you would need for the time being on the charter.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is the amount with which is paid prior to the boarding. It is secured amount on your credit card and you are liable if any damage, that is the consequence of mishandling of the boat, happens while chartering the boat. The security deposit will be refunded in its full amount unless the existence of damage or a defect on the yacht or the equipment is found during the returning of the yacht. Please note that the amount of security deposit is the maximum amount with which you can be charged for any damages. Everything that exceeds that amount the charter company will cover from the insurance company.

Is there a possibility to buy additional insurance in order to cover all potential damages?

The deposit insurance (Damage Waiver) (additional insurance of the security deposit that practically covers all the damages) in most cases can be offered. Terms and conditions of the deposit insurance depend on the insurance company that insures the boat but generally speaking it usually costs 7-12% of the deposit amount of the boat that you would like to book.

Supplying the boat prior to boarding?

Food supply is a list we send to clients, they just check items from a detailed list and food awaits them on board, so the clients can avoid going to markets, carrying heavy bags and items The list calculates the cost automatically and there is no hidden extra costs for service or delivery.

What is APA and when is it used?

APA (advance provision allowance) is the amount paid up front for the captain and the crew to use towards daily expanses on the vessel. Usually, it is 20-30% of the charter cost (depending on the vessel) and the in that case guests stay on board stress free. The captain takes close record of expanses (marina fees, food, drinks, fuel) and before disembarkation guests and the captain go over the it. In case there is any money left, it is returned to the guests, and in case there is difference to pay the guests pay the difference. This type of service is usually used on catamarans and motor yachts when the crew is involved in the whole package.

Where should I berth, in a marina or in bays?

If you have enough electricity, water and food, you can spend the night in one of the numerous, well secluded bays along the Adriatic coast. If using the services of a skipper, you won’t have any problems finding the securest bays, since the skippers are well acquainted with the Adriatic region. If navigating a vessel on your own,please feel free to contact us for help we’ll gladly give you our suggestions about the safe bays in the maritime zone where you go sailing.

Technical equipment on board?

If having reserved a vessel through our website, please check the additional information on vessel equipment for every single boat in our offer. Should you need any further assistance, just contact us and we’ll send you a document listing all the equipment on your chosen boat.

All boats in our offer have safety and navigation equipment as well as navigation maps.

When should I return the vessel to the marina and when can I board the vessel?

The vessel check in is usually after 03:00PM. The vessels are returned to the base on Friday afternoon/evening with an overnight in home port so in morning guests can check out by 09.00AM.

At that time the guests should leave the boat, so that it can be cleaned and prepared for new guests. The vessel can also be returned to the base on Saturday, but make sure it is before 8am, in order for guests to have enough time to fill the tank before leaving the vessel.

How is routing done?

When chartering the boat everything is fully customized towards the guests. There is no set itinerary if you do not wish to do so priorly with our travel designers and the route can be ‘played by ear’ with the captain/skipper once you get on the boat. In case you wish to pre book any tours the route can be pre-set so you just have to follow daily schedule. It is flexible and it all depends how you feel like traveling.

If you are ready to book your charter in Croatia or Europe, find our highlighted vessels here.


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