Fairytale of Boka Bay

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When it comes to notable and distinctive places on the Mediterranean coast, Boka Bay in Montenegro is a must visit. People say that the bay of Boka Kotorska is one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the entire world.  When you come there, you can choose between visiting one of the 4 bays that make a majority of Boka’s seaside territories. The outermost part of the bay is the bay of Tivat. On the side that is close to the sea, there is a bay of Herceg Novi. The inner bays are the bay of Risan on the north side and the Bay of Kotor on the south side. Formerly, there was even a river system that was formed around the present day bays. But, after hundreds of years of tectonic and karstification processes, river complex disintegrated itself. All of the mentioned bays are surrounded by mountains of 1000-1700 meters which are rising from the water: Orjen on the west and Lovćen on the east. Actually, the whole bay was a part of Bokelj River that vanished long time ago. It used to run from the mountain plateaus of mount Orjen. Although the bay of Kotor is commonly called Fjord by the people who don’t recognize its origins, it is actually a ria (a drowned river canyon). The high mountains that bend around the coastline are guarding the bay from the cold climate in the winter. Thanks to the convenient, favorable position of the mountains, the Boka territory is a fertile land for the cultivation of the common Mediterranean vegetations: Agave, palm, mimosa, pomegranate, kiwi oleander and some medical herbs. Natural sceneries are a treat for an eye and the mild climate makes the weather pleasurable for the most of the year. On a clear, calm day, take a look at the projections of the nearby mountains on the bay’s waters.  

One of the most significant monuments of the Boka bay is definitely the town of Perast. Considered a city museum by the locals, it is almost completely made out of stones. It has many palaces, churches and stone houses worth visiting and observing. It is worth mentioning that Perast had an eventful history. In 14th century, it had a shipyard and one of the first nautical schools was opened here. Many notable palaces mostly built in baroque style can be found in this little paradise. Families that own them represent the 12 fraternities of Perast. The whole town will probably remind you of a mosaic because of the coordinated complex of houses, churches, palaces and streets that are connecting all the focal points. There is a certain custom which is cherished in the town of Perast. Local women are usually greeting ships with ironed white sheets every time they enter the bay. If a man from Primorje is on one of those ships, he usually cries because he remembers verses from an old poem: Once again, Boka is in front of me. It is shining below the sun of august. In Boka there are, like two eyes, two islands of Perast. The whole town is known for its sailorman/nautical heritage and the locals are very proud of that. The other town, Kotor is worth seeing because of its walls that are bounding the place from the outside. From 1979. Kotor received a prize for it impeccable beauties and it was enlisted in the UNESCO’s world heritage list. On the other side of Boka bay, there is a town called Tivat. If you like luxury ships, you have to see Porto Montenegro where the most beautiful yachts in the world found their place. Risan is known as one of the oldest settlements in the Boka bay region and it is known for its monuments from the antique periods. In case you want to relax in the more upbeat  atmosphere surrounded by excited young people and party goers, you simply have to visit Budva. You will have an opportunity to bath in the crystal clean sea, find out about the rich history of the local monuments and indulge in lavishing nightlife. Complete your tour of Boka bay by visiting St. Stefan’s island. Although it is considered an island, it is connected to the land. It was inhabited in 15th century when the fortress was built so the local citizens could hide from conquering Turks. The presence of the citizens lasted till 19th century when fishermen started to emigrate. In 1955. it was converted into town-hotel and many world famous celebrities are visiting it ever since. You can find 3 churches on the island: St. Stephen church, Alexander Nevsky church and the church of the transfiguration of the Lord.

There is so much more you can find in Montenegro. Our itinerary page listed some locations that you can visit in Montenegro and the rest of the Balkan.


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