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Some more known and some lesser known Italian cliches.

Every country has its own stereotypes. But, when Italy is in question, it seems like those prejudices are amplified at least 10 times more. The most important thing is not to generalize. Every human being on this earth is unique and we just cannot make general statements about the whole population. This post will cover the problem of stereotypical labeling and stigmatization so we can learn more about Italian people and their true personalities that are often overshadowed. To meet and comprehend the true spirit and behavior of Italian people, we invite you to check this itinerary. Here is our top 8 list:

Singing Italians

We often imagine a picture of Italian people bursting into a song out of blue. Sure, Italians are very keen on singing because of their traditions, but we think that they have better things to do in life than spontaneously letting their voice out while doing domestic chores or walking on streets. Mainstream media like movies and shows managed to distort the collective picture of Italians in heads of other people. Unfortunately, intentional performances just emphasized the extent of the stereotype and today, you can see gondola sailors singing traditional southern arias. Remember, Italian people ARE passionate. But, they like to manifest that passion in different ways.

Eating Pasta

Be honest: Can you quickly brainstorm and imagine Italian men eating something else than pasta varieties? It is very likely you can’t. Truth to be told, the country is famous for delicious pasta and pizzas. But, it is simply not true they eat it all the time. It depends on the families. Some eat it twice or three times a week and some of them taste it once a month. If you catch a scene in the media that has an Italian person eating something other than spaghetti, you can finally see the realistic picture. But, that’s a rare occurrence.

Italy’s economy is based on art

Sure, the heritage of all masters from past centuries is apparent and cherished in many occasions. Although, Italians are fond of many other economic fields and aspects that are bringing money into the national treasury every year. The national government can count on numerous other fields like agriculture, industry and services. Very often, the art is life. But, life comes in many forms and Italians have to be aware of it if they want to make a living.

Italians must tackle the daily problem of the mafia and Brigate Rosse’s terrorism

This topic is actually very debatable. It is true that Italians still have many problems with criminal organizations like Camorra. It is a long-lasting issue will never be completely resolved. Although the organizations that are presented in the media definitely do exist, Italians don’t deal with them on a daily basis. As for the Brigate Rosse’s, it became a distant memory in the collective perception of Italian locals.

Italians live for soccer

For many people, soccer is the most important secondary thing in life. As for Italian people…Well, let’s say that other nations tend to think that Italians live for soccer. Soccer is certainly the most popular sport in Italy and many people would give their right arm to be at the game of their favorite club. Anyhow, many Italians are interested in other sports like Formula 1 and bike racing and they show their real affection in getting to know all the crucial facts about it. But, when the national soccer team is ready to play, the whole country is obsessed with soccer.

Italians drink lots of coffee

Coffee is certainly one of the most famous drinks in Italy. People like to drink it several times a week: At breakfast, after lunchtime and during the famous pause caffe. But, many Italians choose other beverages and if you stay in Italy long enough, you will see people drinking tea or just some water. It has to be said, those who stick with coffee, like it strong and aromatic.

Expressive gesticulations

It is true that Italians have a specific body language. Although, the famous gesture of waving your curled up fingers when trying to emphasize something is more common for Southern Italy than Northern. Neapolitans are especially famous for their expressive hand gestures. So, don’t be afraid when someone comes to you and start waving their hands.

Italian cliches
Italian cliches

Italians are always late

Well, this completely depends on individuals and given responsibilities. If the given assignment is important, of course the people will turn up on time somewhere. In case you will cooperate with Italians, expect that some of them will arrive on time and some of them will arrive even earlier than expected. Some people think that Italians can be immature and moody because of their passion. But, in serious situations, they can be responsible like everyone else.          


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