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Trip overview

Beautiful Croatia is a must-see country. Starting from a middle-European capital of Zagreb, following with Plitvice Lakes, one of the most beautiful places on Earth and finally with irresistible Dalmatia, Croatia will treat you with ravishing nature, stunning heritage and amazingly delicious Mediterranean food and wine. Ancient Dalmatian cities, enchanting island of Hvar, cobblestoned streets, and clear crystalline sea with amazing beaches offer incredibly a lot to see and do. Finally, Dubrovnik’s experience wraps up the tour with the bedazzling beauty of one of the most beautiful European towns.

Please keep in mind that all our tours are tailor-made according to our clients interests and wishes. If there is something in this itinerary you would like to change or customize, please contact us . We will gladly modify the itinerary to meet your preferences.

Trip map and locations

Zagreb, Croatia


21000, Split, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Trip itinerary


Zagreb is a charming middle-European city where the irresistible flair of the grandiose Austro-Hungarian Empire meets the lively energy of a Mediterranean. Habsburg era buildings line the city streets with a historic appeal, while fancy Vienna-ish parks will invite you for a retreat from a city hubbub.

Zagreb, with its 1000 years of history, is an inspiring historic site, but at the same time, dynamic cosmopolitan city with the affection for fashion and design. Exuberant and hospitable, Zagreb attracts people from Croatia and Europe to its famous street events. Zagreb events brighten up the streets with music, tasteful street food, artistic decorations, and a good mood.

Private transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Zagreb.


Zagreb tour starts with the most Zagreb-ish experience there is. A gourmet cup of coffee in the oldest coffee shop in Zagreb overlooking the main square and the statue of Ban Jelacic. After morning coffee, the tour continues along its historic streets picturesque historical sites, hidden alleys & lanes. An expert guide will share captivating stories from Zagreb history and famous scary legends about Zagreb witches and evil queen and show you the most important and beautiful places of Upper Zagreb.

Coffee drinking is an essential social ritual in Croatia. Croats drink coffee to mingle, meet new people, discuss business, or just to spend quality time with loved ones. When in Croatia… drink coffee.

Upper Town is a historic heart of Zagreb. Its narrow cobblestone streets guide you through Croatian history from medieval times to the glorious Austrian empire era. Some of the most prominent Upper Town sights are Lotršćak tower, St. Catherine’s baroque church, relaxing Strossmayer promenade overlooking the rooftops of Lower town and a Saint Mark’s Church, famous for its roof representing the coat of arms of the Tripartite Kingdom (Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia). On the Kaptol hill is a Zagreb cathedral, an impressive gothic building, and an important part of Zagreb’s cultural heritage.

Traditional dinner, made according to the original recipes from the 16th century, will be served in a famous Zagreb restaurant. The owner, a passionate food and wine connoisseur, carefully pairs the food and the wine, creating a splendid feast of mouthwatering food and rich Croatian wines.

Overnight in Zagreb.


Halfway between Split and Zagreb is the most exciting place of Croatian hinterland – National Park Plitvice Lake, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many visitors think that its 16 lakes interconnected with about 90 spectacular waterfalls and framed by lush greenery might be the most beautiful place in the world. And we couldn’t agree more.

Plitvice offers a delightful walk along 18 km of beautiful wooden footbridges and pathways. Walking along the crystalline lakes and besides magical waterfalls detoxes from any kind of restlessness or stress. The tranquility of the perfectly turquoise water, misty waterfalls, and bountiful shades of green are a mother’s nature’s finest wellness treatment. Locals believe that wishes made under the biggest Plitvice waterfall always come true. And we think it is worth a try.

The National Park goes beyond beautiful cascading lakes. It occupies an area of 30,000 hectares, covered by beech, fir, and spruce forest. Deers, bears, wolves, boars, and numerous rare bird species live in this well-preserved piece of biodiversity heaven.

After a tour, there will be some free time before heading to Split.

Overnight in Split.


After waking up in beautiful Split, and tasty breakfast, it is time for an exciting time travel tour across the streets of Split. Split is the second biggest city in Croatia and often referred to as “The most beautiful city in the world” and “Mediterranean flower.” It doesn’t take too much time to find out the origin of Split’s nicknames.

After Split, it is time to visit Trogir, “city-museum,” another Dalmatian UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every step of Trogir is full of history, culture, and stunning architecture. Laid out in the typical structure of the Mediterranean city, Trogir will win over your heart with every step you make on its 2300 years old streets.

The first stop of a Split walking tour is an ancient Diocletian palace, the surreally beautiful UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Narrow streets of the castle are filled with unsurpassable charm and beauty.

The next stop is the oldest (and the smallest) catholic Cathedral in the world, Cathedral of Saint Domnius on Peristil, built in the 4th century as the Imperial Roman mausoleum. From the top of the iconic bell tower near the Cathedral, you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the palace and the sea. Peristil square, formerly a Roman court, echoes the glory of the Roman empire.

Below the palace is Riva, palm-lined seafront promenade, famous for its beauty, lovely historic buildings, and zen-inducing overlook at the Adriatic sea.

The old core of Trogir is an island, surrounded by the city walls, originating from the age of Greeks and Romans. Get to know the most important sites and dive into the captivating stories from Roman, Greek, and Venetian times of Trogir with our knowledgeable local guide.

Overnight in Split.


After a morning in vibrant Split, embark on a private boat for an adventurous boat ride to Hvar, the sunniest island of Croatia. With its beautiful renaissance architecture, inspiring cultural heritage, and vitalizing Mediterranean nature, Hvar pretty much has everything. For everyone. To begin with, Hvar looks like “an open-air gallery,” an exhilarating visual feast of the harmony between architecture and nature.

Hvar is considered as one of the top 10 beautiful islands in the world. It is home to a more Intangible UNESCO Heritage than any other island in the world. Add to that the title of the sunniest place in Europe, and you got a place you simply must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Hvar is a calming place of sophisticated hedonism, shaped by the cultural influence of Venice, the Austrian Empire, and the authentic Dalmatia. Sightseeing tour starts in the town of Hvar. After visiting the island’s top sights, the tour ends in picturesque Jelsa with a wine tasting in one of the most famous Hvar wineries. Indigenous rich Hvar wines paired with carefully selected food provide a genuinely holistic wine tasting experience.

The lunch is organized in the unique ambiance of the Malo Grablje, an authentic restaurant that serves delicious dalmatian food prepared according to traditional recipes.

After lunch, the cruise heads back to Split.

Overnight in Split.


On the way to Dubrovnik in Mali Ston, well-known for its oysters and mussels cultivation. Since Roman times oysters from this region were in high regard and even considered aphrodisiac. Short boat trip to oyster beds through the tranquil beauty of the Stone bay culminates in oyster tasting accompanied by delicious Dalmatian wine.

By the end of the day, the tour will arrive at Dubrovnik, “The Pearl of the Adriatic,” the most beautiful Croatian town and one of the most famous tourist sites in Europe.

Mali Ston is a breathtakingly beautiful, serene bay, a pure jewel of the Adriatic sea. A wooden boat will take you for a pleasant ride in the peaceful bay of Mali Ston to visit the oyster beds and taste them paired with local wine. Mouthwatering texture and superior taste of Ston oysters are a result of an ideal mix of the seawater, rich with salt and phytoplankton, and the mineral-packed fresh water from the river Neretva.

A local guide will share his rich knowledge about the history of Ston, oyster cultivation, and the best ways to enjoy this precious see food.

After Mali Ston’s experience, the tour continues to Dubrovnik.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


Renaissance harmony, a medieval mystic and fantasy-like Game of Thrones vibe – the city of Dubrovnik is bursting with good energy and unbelievably lots of things to see and do. The Old City of Dubrovnik, UNESCO World Heritage site, is considered the most beautiful Croatian town and is among the most famous tourist sites in Europe. Its nickname – The Pearl of the Adriatic – is there for a reason.

After breakfast, imaginative legends inhabiting magical places of this medieval town will come to life on a walking tour with our expert guide. He will guide you to see Old Town, Stradun, the famous main street of Dubrovnik, historic Rector’s Palace, and dreamlike City Walls.

City Walls, UNESCO World Heritage Site, overlooking the Adriatic sea, islands, and yachts smoothly sailing across the endless blue are one of the most impressive sites of Europe. Their historic grandiosity radiates with a fantasy-like Game of Thrones vibe.

Elafiti islands were Dubrovnik’s aristocracy’s favorite place of leisure. Those people knew how to fully enjoy life. Following their footsteps across, Elafiti introduces to the most sophisticated Mediterranean joie de vivre. Aromatic myrtle, laurel, thyme, rosemary fill the air of Elafiti with the characteristic Mediterranean scent. Tall cypresses and thick pine trees embrace the islands, providing natural shade and the perfect place to relax between the swims in the crystalline azure sea.

The rest of the afternoon is at leisure.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


Private transfer to Dubrovnik airport. Fly out of Croatia.

Price & Inclusions

All our itineraries and trips are custom made to each client. The above itinerary (price from) is calculated based on 2 people traveling in low season in 4* hotels. Included are all private transfers and touts. The price of the itinerary can go up or down depending on the seasonality of travel, hotel choices, and any tours added to the current sample itinerary.

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