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Trip overview

If you have already seen Croatia highlights, but you can’t get enough of Croatia, we understand. After you’ve experienced the most famous face of Croatia, or just wish to avoid summer crowds, there is another level of charm. Just a bit off the beaten paths, you will find white-marbled Šibenik with fascinating renaissance cathedral and stunning fortress, incredibly tranquil National Park Krka, the dreamy island of Korčula and etno-village, a portal in the authentic history of Dalmatia hinterland. Let Croatia treats you with the richness of Croatian wine, the deliciousness of Mediterranean food, warm sun, and clear crystalline sea.


Please keep in mind that all our tours are tailor-made according to our clients interests and wishes. If there is something in this itinerary you would like to change or customize, please contact us . We will gladly modify the itinerary to meet your preferences.

Trip map and locations

Šibenik, Croatia

Trogir, Croatia

21000, Split, Croatia

Korčula, Croatia

Mljet, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Trip itinerary


Croatia Off the Beaten Path tour starts in amazingly beautiful town Šibenik, the only city in Croatia with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning Cathedral of St. James and spectacular St. Nicholas Fortress. On top of that, Šibenik has two national parks nearby: River Krka and Kornati Islands.

The medieval glare of the old city, the contrast of the white stone buildings, and the serene blue sea make Šibenik incredibly scenic.

Private transfer to the hotel from Split or Zadar airport.

The rest of the day is at leisure.


Šibenik tour starts picturesque in the old town of Šibenik, continues in a beautiful National Park Krka and ends with a delicious traditional Skradin risotto in a famous restaurant approved by Anthony Bourdain

In the center of the old Šibenik is the impressive cathedral of St. Jacob, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its sophisticated architecture still amazes architects, and its harmonious structure and refined details awe people from all over the world. Marble paved piazzas and cozy streets lined with stone houses tell a story about more than 900 years of Croatian history. The triangular-shaped sea fortress is the second UNESCO World Heritage Site. Full of interesting legends and heroic history, it is a nice place to visit and enjoy.

After some free time in Šibenik, the tour continues with a private transfer to a National Park Krka, one of the most popular and most beautiful Croatian national parks. Lush greenery, tranquil lakes, powerful waterfalls, and cultural sites relax and reinvigorate body and soul. Freshness and serenity of the river Krka and its surroundings are stunning.

The small town of Skradin on Krka is famous for Skradinski Risotto, a creamy, delightful dish, traditionally made by men in a huge pot over an open fire for 12 hours. It was far more than just a meal – its preparation was an event, enjoyment in the slow pace of Mediterranean, company, and the gradual building of its superb multilayered taste. Konoba Cantinetta, where the Skradinski risotto will be tasted that offers one of the best Skradin risottos, according to a famous Anthony Bourdain.

Overnight in Šibenik.


Ethnoland is one of the rare places in Dalmatia where you can experience the history of Dalmatia in such a vivid and condensed way. The lifestyle, houses, traditional crafts, food, and habit – everything is there to be enjoyed accompanied by interesting insights of a local guide.

On the way to Trogir, the tour will visit Pakovo selo, Ethnoland Dalmatia. During 1.5-3 hours stay visitors will experience the secret welcome ceremony, listen to tales about ancestors and history, get accustomed to Dalmation traditions, stone houses, traditional tools, and utensils. After interesting workshops, a splendid feast with indigenous Dalmatian food and drinks will present the best of Dalmatian food. Some of the most appreciated Croatian food originates from this area, such as meat prepared under “peka” and “Drniški pršut” dalmatian version of prosciutto and traditional red and white wine.

After arrival in Trogir, the rest of the day is at leisure.

Overnight in Trogir.


Trogir, “city-museum,” is another beautiful Dalmatian UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every step of Trogir is full of history, culture, and stunning architecture. Laid out in the typical structure of the Mediterranean city, Trogir wins over your heart with every step you make on its 2300 years old streets.

The old core of Trogir is an island, surrounded by the city walls, originating from the age of Greeks and Romans. A guided walking tour will reveal the most important sites and captivating stories from Roman, Greek, and Venetian times.

After lovely Trogir, a beautiful Split guided tour will discover the most iconic places in Split. The heart of Split is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Diocletian palace. Although it was built in Roman times, it is still a place where people live, do business and hang around. Narrow streets of the castle are filled with unsurpassed charm and beauty. Diocletian Palace is an ancient yet vivacious and pulsating heart of the city, which is not very common.

Overnight in Trogir


After a pleasant morning in Trogir, we embark on a public ferry catamaran and head towards Korčula. Korčula is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea. Still a bit wild and untouched by globalization, Korčula will provide a lot of opportunities to enjoy ravishing nature and rich cultural heritage. Mesmerizing vineyards and olive groves around small villages transfer you into the slow-paced realm of old-times Mediterranean.

The rest of the day is at leasure.


Korčula town, medieval walled Dalmatia city, shares the part of the history and architectural style with Dubrovnik. It’s like Dubrovnik on a smaller scale. Marble streets, defensive walls, red-roofed stone houses, and their fishbone street structure are packed with heroic history and inspiring century of culture. Korčula town is surrounded by crystal clear sea and pleasant beaches, inviting for a pleasant swim.

Guided tour will reveal some of the most beautiful places on Korčula, tell a story about turbulent times when city walls were built and glory days of Korčula town. In the afternoon there will be plenty of time to explore the lovely town of Korčula, its medieval city walls and towers, picturesque streets, museum of Marco Polo and cute souvenir shops, art galleries and tasty restaurants.

The early evening is reserved for a dinner in a most authentic Korčula restaurant – local farm Maha. Stone house surrounded by ravishing Korčula nature is a place of renewed gastronomic experiences, tranquil atmosphere, and traditional decor. Relaxing atmosphere packed with good mood and kindness makes this place a well-known to connoisseurs of good food, wine, and joie de vivre, such as Bill Gates or Bernie Eccelstone.

Overnight in Korčula.


Today it’s the day you finally reach the Jewel of our Adriatic Dubrovnik. Embark on a private boat and start cruising towards Dubrovnik but just before you get there, you will witness one of the most beautiful views the human eye can see in whole Croatia – National Park Mljet. Remote getaway reachable only by boat, featuring a monastery, lake & trails through lush surrounds. Untouched nature, the island’s mysticism, olive groves, vineyards and rich forests are ideal places to research the rich flora and fauna, and to peacefully enjoy the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings. The Island of Mljet also features world phenomena – salt lakes on top of the island – make sure to check it all out with a private guide that will wait for you upon arrival. After the park visit, continue to Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik fascinates its visitors by its fairy tale ambiance of the breathtaking fortress, Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance churches, aristocratic palaces, red-roofed townhouses, magnificent monasteries… For centuries, Dubrovnik was micro-republic that provided its independence by unprecedented diplomatic skills and riches, earned in adventurous nautical trade endeavors of Dubrovnik merchants. During times when practically the whole Mediterranean was under the devastating reign of the Turkish Empire, Dubrovnik was flourishing with power and bursting with culture, art, and literature. The flair of strong, independent and incredibly rich town still attracts people from all over the world.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


Just a simple walk on the streets of Dubrovnik or along the city walls awakens the sense of awe and exhilaration. Stunning views of the Old Town and the shimmering blue Adriatic Sea are genuinely marvelous and breathtaking.

Dubrovnik is overflowing with historical places, unique buildings, and cultural heritage. A guided tour will offer an opportunity to discover a fantastic Dubrovnik history, the historic beauty of Old Town, renaissance harmony of the main street – Stradun, and sophisticated elegance of the Rector’s Palace. The architecture of Old Town bears witness of the glory days of Dubrovnik when the city became one of the most prosperous all the historic maritime republics.

The second part of the tour unravels the grandeur and beauty of City Walls, UNESCO World Heritage Site, overlooking the shimmering blue Adriatic Sea.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


A day is short in Dubrovnik. There is so much to see and do. Some people will choose to stroll across Old Town and just soak in the historic beauty of Old Town, renaissance harmony of the main street – Stradun, dreamlike City Walls, or historic Rector’s Palace. Others might find joy in shopping in attractive local stores or visit the Dubrovnik market, packed with fresh food and fragrant lavender.

But, then again, why not take a cable car to a Mount Srđ for the best views of Dubrovnik. Or escape to a peaceful oasis of a nearby island Locrum. Embrace the ideal scenery for an enjoyable walk or a leisurely swim in the sea or scenic saltwater lake. The 11th-century Locrum monastery is also a nice place to go. Meditative of Mediterranean religious architecture does wonders for finding inner balance and stepping aside from the fast-paced rhythm of our modern lives.

Elafiti archipelago, one day cruise, is also a great way to experience the authentic life of old Dubrovnik. The islands of Elafiti used to be a popular place of leisure of the Dubrovnik aristocracy. You can still feel that flare of a fancy aristocratic oasis. Fragrant myrtle, laurel, thyme, rosemary fill the air with a characteristic Mediterranean smell. And tall cypresses and thick pine trees embrace the islands, providing natural shade and a perfect place to relax between the swims in crystal clear azure sea.

Overnight in Dubrovnik.


Price & Inclusions

All our itineraries and trips are custom made to each client. The above itinerary (price from) is calculated based on 2 people traveling in low season in 4* hotels. Included are all private transfers and touts. The price of the itinerary can go up or down depending on the seasonality of travel, hotel choices, and any tours added to the current sample itinerary.

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