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Traveling to Serbia – 10 reasons why to go there

Serbia, the landlocked country in the heart of the Balkans, is rapidly growing in popularity as a favorite destination for solo travelers, families, and partygoers. Everybody is attracted to its untouched nature, fascinating history, delicious food, and exuberant nightlife. If you still haven’t visited Serbia, here are the top 10 reasons to visit it as soon as possible.

While planning your vacation, consider checking some other neighboring countries if you have time. As always, our itinerary page will help you with it.

The City life in Belgrade

The capital of Serbia has such vibrant nightlife, that in 2015, National Geographic listed Belgrade as one of the top 10 nightlife cities. Best places to enjoy good wine, food, and music are bohemian Skadarlija, riverboat clubs (Splavovi), and postindustrial district Savmala. The buzz, the music, the atmosphere, and hearty Serbian food – if you want to get some fun, Belgrade is a place to go.

The Monasteries

The country is home to many stunning monasteries, an essential part of Serbian history and culture. The most impressive monastery, Studenica, is an example of beautiful Serbian medieval architecture. Inside, take a look at the most beautiful Serbian frescos. 

One of the must-sees is the impressive Žiča monastery, built in the early 13th century, post the independence of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Here the first Serbian king, Stephan, was crowned in 1221. Žiča acquired UNESCO World Heritage Status due to its architectural significance. 

The most famous piece of Serbian medieval art, The White Angel, the first image sent into space, was found in the Mileševa monastery. This fresco, dating from the High Middle Ages, is considered to be one of the great achievements in European painting. Visit Mileševa to enjoy this stunning piece of art.

The Festivals

The most famous festival in Serbia is Exit, taking place at picturesque Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad. In July, over 200,000 partygoers gather here to enjoy the best what the best of rock, techno, electronic, heavy metal, hip hop, reggae, and punk rock bass scene has to offer.

If you’d like to experience Serbian folk music, dancing, traditional food, handicrafts, join the 600,000 visitors that visit The Guča Trumpet Festival. While the best bands play, the folk dancers, in colorful costumes, dance kolo, and oro, while the audience enjoys in the frantic atmosphere.

Nisville International Jazz Festival, held at the 18th-century Old Fortress in Niš, it attracts more than 150 000 people annually and features some of the finest jazz names. 

Belgrade Beer Fest features great regional musicians. With lots of beer, this festival might not be sophisticated or fancy, but for sure it is fun and very popular. 

Serbian Cuisine

Serbian people are foodies who love to eat delicious, savory, hearty food, adore wine, and Rakia, a traditional fruit brandy made of cherries, plums, or grapes. In their homes and restaurants, Serbs go out of their way to please and delight their guests. Gastronomy experience in Serbia is always exceeding your expectations – from traditional restaurants to modern, fusion, fancy places – Serbian gastronomy extravaganza has something for everyone.

The Ravishing nature

Serbia is relatively unspoiled by human intervention and modern tourism. Its delightful nature attracts outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy its stunning mountains, gorges, and beautiful rivers. Iron Gates Gorge in a National Park Đerdap, stunning meanders of river Uvac, Tara National Park, with dense forests, and picturesque Fruška Gora mountain are just a few of Serbia’s top nature sights. If you are looking for an exciting (and affordable) outdoor destination, Serbia is the right choice.

Thermal Waters and Wellness Centers

Serbia is known for breathtaking landscapes, beautiful national parks, and activity-filled cities, but it wouldn’t be fair not to mention its great relaxing spas. Since Roman and Ottomans times, Serbia’s thermal water are well-known for their healing properties. After gastronomy delights, long party nights, and outdoor bliss, a day in relaxing Serbian spas might be just what you need. Some of the top resorts are Vrnjačka Banja, Sokobanja, and Niška Banja.

The Rivers of Serbia

Serbia’s rivers offer many adventure activities like kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and swimming. The biggest river, the Danube, passes through the flatlands of Vojvodina, Fruska Gora, and Đerdap National Parks. Its greatest tributary is the Sava, with many charming islands near Belgrade. The largest is Ada Ciganlija, famous for its beaches, recreation facilities, bars, and restaurants. The Sava’s largest tributary, Drina, is a well-known rafting destination, and the meanders of river Uvac are the most beautiful natural sight in Serbia. 

Roman History

For history aficionados, Serbia is a treasure trove! If you’re into ancient Rome, Serbia is the right place to visit. Today, Serbia used to be the Roman province of Pannonia, where Romans founded their towns and brought their culture. Seventeen Roman emperors were born in today’s Serbia, including the first Roman emperor (Trajan Decius). The Roman Emperors’ Cultural Itinerary will take you through the most important Roman heritage sites and give you a glimpse into the life and culture of the Roman Empire. 

Felix Romuliana, the ancient Roman city, is a top historic sight – it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Viminacium, located on the Danube river in Pozarevac, with well preserved public baths, amphitheaters, aqueducts, and necropolises, is also a great place to visit.

The Adventures

Home to majestic mountains, stunning rivers, lakes, and bustling cities, Serbia is also an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. You can go for canyoning in the Trešnjica Gorge, skydiving and paragliding in Fruška Gora, skiing on Kopaonik, or mountain biking in the Danube trails. Adventure enthusiasts from all over the world like the perfect combination of sports, good food, nightlife, and rich cultural heritage of Serbia.

Serbia is Safe, not overran by tourists, and affordable

Serbia doesn’t see violent crimes and is a very safe country Families, and solo travelers won’t have to think twice before heading into the countryside. People are very relaxed, not aggressive. And generally very courteous towards tourists. You can walk up to anyone and then will help you out or point to someone who can. Last but not least, Serbia offers excellent experiences, excellent hotels, and attractive tours at very affordable prices when compared to more popular countries.

Serbia, hospitable and fun-loving country, offers its visitors a lot of fun, beauty, and great food. You can enjoy the relaxing nature or vibrant nightlife, indulge in stunning history, or enjoy outdoor adrenaline activities. Or, because Serbia is small, you can take your share of everything and experience all the layers of this beautiful country.


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