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When Will People Resume Travel and What Will Change After COVID-19

Based on new research that came out on April 21 from SKIFT there are some positive indicators that people will go back to traveling. A majority of travelers will wait till is safe to travel again. When they do many things will change – in short term. They will want more private set ups like villas, private accommodation, charters and private jets. Also, majority of the people will want to use a car instead of buses or public transportation. Also, people will in short term try to avoid busy and crowded flights. As mentioned from SKIFT research they put it out exactly to the point: “All these trauma-driven expectations provide tremendous value for travel companies to act on by offering services that can mitigate the lingering fear of COVID-19. On top of that, companies should also prepare themselves to inspire a new level of travel and service for people who desire to live differently after living through a once-in-a-lifetime disaster.”

What we learned from latest SKIFT research:

  • 6% of Americans will go back to normal traveling right after the pandemic is over, 27% 1-3 months after, 28% 3-6 months after the pandemic is officially over
  • Urban centers in huge decline for post COVID-19 travel
  • People will book beaches, charters, natural resorts and smaller intimate locations to avoid any close social contact
  • Due to uncertainty, travel deals resulted from COVID-19 losing appeal and only 6.9% people who were surveyed booked a trip which is decrease comparing to previous months when pandemic started


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