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Unforgettable boat tours on Adriatic Sea: Places to go next.

Sometimes, boat trips can be the most lovely part of the summer vacation. Salty scent of the sea, warm sun on your skin and the sea life revolving around you… The journey is just one part, wait till you see exquisite destinations along the Adriatic coast. We will mention some of the unforgettable boat trips you can try while staying on the Adriatic coast. Sailing towards horizon was never more exciting!  To meet the sea life of Adriatic, one of the first steps is looking at this itinerary.

From Trogir to Blue lagoon and Šolta

The blue lagoon we want to recommend you is situated between two Krknjaši islands. There you can see probably the most crystal clear water in Croatia. The place is calling you for snorkeling, swimming and fun beneath the warm sun of Adriatic. The trip from Trogir will take couple of hours of your time. But when you see the magic of it, you’ll wish to bath there forever. The island of Šolta is also near and stopping there is much recommended. Šolta is known for its pleasant, warm climate, cultivation of olives and delicious wine varieties – the most famous is Dobričić. While there, don’t forget to pay attention to the traditional Dalmatian architecture (bunje), visit the house of Marko Marulić and bring home a few jars of delicious honey that is made there. Keen on gingerbread cake? Šolta people are masters in making it so make sure you leave enough room for a few pieces.

From Zadar or Šibenik to Kornati islands

National Park Kornati
National Park Kornati

After you are done with sightseeing of Šibenik fortresses and numerous churches in Zadar, it is time to embark your boat and head towards the sublime islands of Kornati. While sailing, your guide will probably tell you lots of interesting information about this national park. Kornati consist of 89 islands, islets, and rocks. The whole complex is the most indented cluster of islands on the Mediterranean Sea. Although there are rocky terrains on the most of the islands, Kornati is a home to the more than 650 herbal species and some rare species of birds (mammals, for example, are a rare occurrence). The reasons for its rocky, plain terrain are the thick forests of Holm oak and barberries which were cut during the times of Illyrians. After a thousand years of deforestation, the islands got their rockery forms. Because of its low elevation, the climate is almost the same in the whole complex of the islands. So, make sure you feel comfortable and let the wind in your hair. According to the many satisfied tourists, the sea is delightful and don’t forget to take a bath in the vast sea labyrinth between the islets.

From Hvar to Blue Cave and Pakleni islands

Hvar and Pakleni Islands
Hvar and Pakleni Islands

The history reminders on the island of Hvar will encourage everyone to stay as long as possible. During your stay, the visiting of the Blue Cave is a “must do” activity. It is situated by the Biševo island and it is one of those places that will stay in your mind forever. After getting in the cave, you will be illuminated by the silver blue light that is gleaming above and beneath you like an aura. The natural effects are giving the best possible show. We recommend you to come in the summertime between 9am and to 4pm for the best light effect possible. Just a couple of miles from the coast of Hvar, there are Pakleni islands. The opportunities for searching and discovering are almost endless, but we suggest you to visit 3 islands so you can enjoy amenities and top quality touristic content. Jerolim islands is famous for its smallish, secluded coves and some nudist beaches which are among the more popular places of that type on the Adriatic coast. Palmižana is the main island in the complex and it is known for its hamlet which is a heaven for everyone who comes with their boats for a day trip. There are several restaurants with outstanding view of the island of Hvar. If you like the place, you can rent a Bed and Breakfast accommodation unit and stay for longer.

From Dubrovnik to Elaphiti islands and Mljet

Elaphiti islands
Elaphiti islands

It is easy to describe the wonders of Dubrovnik and it is even easier to visit it. When organizing your daily trip from the town, include the island of Mljet and Elafiti islands on your list. Mljet is one of the greenest islands on the Adriatic. It is known for its renowned wines, cultivation of olives and cheese making. When roaming the island, don’t forget to find a suitable spot for bathing. Within Mljet, there are Veliko and Malo Jezero: Two favorite spots for tourists and local alike. It has to be mentioned that one of the well known Croatian national parks is situated there. Also, there is a particular legend about Odyssey who, according to the myth, was shipwrecked on the island of Ogigia. It is speculated that Oggigia is actually Mljet! Near Dubrovnik, there is a series of islands called Elaphite: Koločep, Lopud, Šipan and Jakljan. It is one of the favorite spots for daily trips for the citizens of Dubrovnik. The islands are mostly covered with pine groves, lemon and orange trees and carol trees. If you spend enough time on one of the islands, you will find numerous relicts of the past that are scattered around. That includes churches, strongholds, summer residences and the Franciscan monastery on the island of Lopud.

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