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Changes in booking terms and conditions due to corona virus outbreak in Croatia and Europe

This all shall pass, but until it does, here are changes to our booking terms and conditions to help all future travelers

First and foremost, we would like to express how sorry we are that Coronavirus outbreak is causing any changes in travel for any of the travelers. Also, our minds and feelings are with people who are effected by the virus and their families. The safety and the well-being of all people, travelers, workers and partners is our top priority so we have decided to take all needed measures so people feel safe booking and traveling with us in the future. There is big positive state of mind in Croatia as the spread is slow and it looks like we have it under control, so we think, and let’s all hope it stays that way. In China we can see the virus is in downfall so hopefully that shall happen in Europe in upcoming months and not many travel plans will be disrupted.

Free re-booking for all trips booked and the ones that are about to be booked

We are not here to tell anyone if they should travel or should not. Our top priority is still safety for everyone who wishes to come to Croatia and here are the options for all who booked and are looking still to travel this summer. We are taking all precarious messures that WHO stated for all travel companies to keep everyone safe and sound.

We want to make sure you still feel confident booking with us. Here are our flexible booking policies:

  • All trips booked previously that need to be re-booked for any reason will be re-booked to new dates without any fees. The trips can be moved to any new date this year, or next year
  • The re-booking policy is active for all land arrangements and charters
  • We will try to work on each booking separately so that moving to new dates does not effect the total package price, however, there might be changes in prices due to change the month when someone travels to Croatia and Europe based on each hotel’s policy

Hopefully, these flexible terms and policies will help everyone with their future travel plans to Croatia and Europe. If you have any question in regards of the bookings never hesitate to contact us on [email protected] and we will make sure to answer you any questions you might have.

Thank you for your patience and trust in Via Tours Croatia as we feel very confident this crisis will pass soon and we will all go back to planning amazing trips.

Hopeful to see you all soon in Croatia!

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