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If the Corona breakthrough continue to slow down, when can we expect the measures to be eased?

“Corona statistics” is showing good results in European centers of the epidemic, especially in Italy and Spain. Many of the countries are preparing for the so called “Second phase” in which the countries will ease up the restrictive antivirus measures. The challenges of such actions are a primary theme in numerous circles these days.

In the last two days, 100 people have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 in Croatia. Minister of the civil protection Davor Božinović gave his prediction about easing up the measures of prohibition in the country. He stated: “Everything depends on the epidemiological situation. We wait for the crucial epidemiological moment and I think we are getting closer to it.” 

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković shared his optimism by saying that the antivirus restrictive measures still have to be in power. But, he emphasized that the government is preparing some decisions about the easing up the certain civilian limitations and prohibitions right after Easter weekend.

“The goal is that every measure is suitable to epidemiological evaluations. We don’t want people to get too relaxed and to spread the virus even further.”

He repeated that we can expect reopening of the markets till the Easter. Additional annulling of the bans and prohibitions can be expected after the holiday.

Minister Božinović answered the question about the quitting the retail and grocery store work prohibition. “The second phase” should include the reopening of the hairdressers, cosmetic parlors, cafes and restaurants. The minister said that the Croatia will follow the example of Austria who started planning a return to normal conditions. But, he also emphasized that the hardest decision will be when to reopen schools and other education facilities.

European media is reporting about “The second phase” and analyzing what countries will ease up the bans and prohibitions in the upcoming weeks. France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Finland will also present some more relaxed measures after the Easter. 

Do we finally see the light in this crisis we will have to wait and see for next couple days, but luckily, things are starting to look much better and hopefully we will save summer tourism season so that people can enjoy their planned holidays and forget about the mess the corona virus caused in previous months.


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