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COVID-19 entrance regulations for Croatia

Croatia introduced the range of measures for fighting against COVID-19. It is important to emphasise that the measures can be revised and updated on the basis of current epidemiological situation:

  • Wearing masks is mandatory in all of the closed facilities. Also, masks are also mandatory in opened spaces where physical distance cannot be controlled and maintained
  • All public events, gatherings and celebrations must end at 10 PM
  • Restaurants, coffee shops can offer food and drinks only in an open-air space. The exceptions are hotels and camps who can offer their products indoors
  • Nightclubs are closed till further notice. Betting shops and casinos can be opened
  • There is a ban of alcohol serving from 10 PM to 6 AM
  • Musicals, operas and dance performances are not allowed. The rules are the same also for amateur cultural or artistic events and practice sessions

COVID -19 testing

  1. PCR/antigen tests are available for US citizens in Croatia. Also, test results are reliably available within 72 hours
  2. The cost of local test ranges from 40$ to 150$ or more
  3. All airline passengers to the United States (ages two or older) must provide a negative COVID-19 test taken within 3 calendar days of travel. Also, travellers for to the US can provide a valid documentation from a licensed health care provider or having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days prior to the travel

COVID-19 vaccine information

  1. Government of Croatia approved a COVID-19 vaccine for use
  2. Vaccines are available in Croatia for US citizens to receive
  3. Since Croatia is participating in in European Commission’s joint procurement of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the vaccine is available in Croatia at the same time as in other European Union countries. The current vaccination plan has 3 phases: 1. Employees and residents of homes for the elderly. 2. All persons over 65 and all persons with chronic diseases. 3. The rest of the population
  4. Croatian institute for public health announced that foreigners with temporary or permanent residency in Croatia can register for the COVID -19 vaccine through their healthcare provide in charge
  5. The government of US explained that they are not planning to provide COVID-19 vaccination to private US citizens overseas

Entry and exit requirements:

  1. US citizens are allowed to enter
  2. Entry requirements can change any time without prior notice. The Croatian border Police have final authority when it comes to entering Croatia

Travellers arriving from US

Travellers are restricted from Croatia unless they qualify under one of the following categories that are approved by the officials in charge:

  1. People travelling for urgent family/business reasons
  2. Touristic reasons. Entry is permitted only with documents confirming the documentation paid in advance
  3. Seafarers
  4. Citizens or residents of EU/EEA Member states and their family members

To enter one of the abovementioned categories, a traveller must provide one of the following documents/tests.

  1. A negative viral test results: PCR or rapid antigen test (it is important it is not older than 48 hours). Those who stay more than 10 days in Croatia have to repeat the test within the 10 days of the original test
  2. A certificate of vaccination for persons whose final dose of the COVID -19 vaccine is more than 14 days prior to crossing the border
  3. A medical certificate that confirms that the traveller successfully recovered from COVID-19 after returning a positive COVID-19 antigen or PCR test
  4. Perform PCR testing immediately upon arriving in Croatia

Following categories are exception and travellers included in them don’t need to present a viral test or proof of vaccination.

  1. Healthcare workers
  2. Frontier workers
  3. Workers in a transport sector
  4. Workers of international organizations and diplomats and persons invited by international organizations whose physical presence is necessary for proper functioning of these organizations. This also includes military personnel, military officers and police officers
  5. Passengers in transit (individuals in transit must exit the country in 12 hours). If they violet this decision, they can be fined with 5000/10.000 kuna
  6. Persons travelling for purposes of schooling/studying
  7. People entering Croatia for urgent reasons that cannot be postponed. They can stay up to 12 hours. If they stay longer, they can be fined with 5.000/10.000 kuna
  8. Children under age of 7 accompanied with adults who have an acceptable viral test/proof of vaccination
  9. Travellers with approved “Digital Nomad” visa

All travellers who meet the entry conditions are advised to fill out an arrival form at Enter Croatia to make their entry at the border easier.

Visa Extension for tourists/residents

  1. If some US citizens want to stay in Croatia beyond permitted 90 days of visa free status should contact their local police station and apply for a permission of temporary residence to avoid penalties

Movement restrictions.

  1. Curfew is not imposed
  2. There are no restrictions regarding intercity or interstate travel

Quarantine information

  1. US citizens are not required a quarantine
  2. Officials can define a quarantine period for travellers if deemed necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  3. Travellers who don’t need a self-isolation are given a pamphlet with COVID-19  instructions and recommendations

Transportation options:

  1. Commercial flights are operating
  2. Public transport is operating

Fines for non-compliance:

  1. Health inspectors of Croatian state inspectorate are monitoring and enforcing individual orders to self-isolate. Fines can range for 8.000 kuna (first-time violations) to 30.000, 60.000 and 120.000 kn for repeat offenders
  2. People caught not wearing a mask in mask-designated areas will be fined 500 kuna
  3. Owners of private properties who organize a gathering of more than 10 people can be fined 5.000 -10.000 kn
  4. Legal entities who do not obey epidemiological measures related to public gatherings will be fined 10.000 to 40.000 kn
  5. For not implementing epidemiological measures, businesses will be fined 5.000 -10.000 kn.
  6. Passengers in transit who don’t exit the country in 12 hours, can be fined 5.000 to 10.000 kuna

For more information, visit U.S Embassy in Croatia webpage: https://hr.usembassy.gov/


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