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Jaw-dropping castles in Slovenia everyone should see

Before you start reading this blog, just take a look at the castles shown on the photos. A real eye candy, isn’t it? Now imagine yourself walking through majestic halls and corridors of the castle you like the most. You know that today is 21st century and that the times of knights and dragons are long gone. But, in your mind, you can be whatever you want. So, we invite you to read this article about castles in Slovenia so you can fill yourself with enough material to create vivid imaginations. Because, once you visit some of the Slovenian castle, the perception of delightfulness in your head will never be the same again. We sincerely hope you will visit your favorite castle one day so your dreams can come true.

Bled castle

Bled castle

One of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Bled castle gained worldwide recognition because of it stunning position, romantic look and innocent nature that grace everyone who steps in it. Weekend travelers will enjoy the atmosphere of it, love couples will be indulged in the serenity of surrounding forests and adventure seekers will surely accept the challenge of ascending on the top of the hill. Even politicians saw the opportunity of holding their important meetings and summits in the Bled castle. The world famous Julius Alps in the background are a perfect backdrop for this castle as they ensure that the historic monument has a lot of sharp, depurated air around it for its visitors. Museum inside a castle is faithful showcase of the first settlements that were formed in Slovenia many centuries ago. The exhibits found in the museum represent a wide time interval from 6th century to more modern times. Also, if you want to make the most of this precious castle, the management will gladly help you in organizing an unforgettable wedding. For lovers of delicious, aromatic wine sorts, the castle will offer you tasting of their available wine.

Žužemberk Castle

Žužemberk castle

If the Bled is one of the oldest castles, Žužemberk is one of the most picturesque ones. Its timeline spans from 13th century when the castle was found to 16th century when the facility was converted into fortress with 7 defensive towers. After that, the castle had periods of suffering as it was badly damaged in the Second World War. But, as the years went by, reconstructions gave the castle its primary beauty and today it is praised and cherished by many visitors who are romantic at heart. Summer is the season when the castle sparkles with vibrancy and eventfulness. Considering that Slovenia is most visited in the summer, many people see the opportunity to visit castle because of its cultural and touristic events. The biggest happenings are probably the Annual market days that are organized in the mid July. Since the castle is architectonically breathtaking in its appearance and configuration, you will probably spend the most of time playing with your camera to capture the best angle of the castle’s interior and exterior.

Mansion Štatenberg

Mansion Štatemberg

Štatenberg mansion was once a real castle of big proportions. But, it was destroyed many years and the slightly smaller mansion was erected in its place. Today’s facility is known for its captivating frescos and plastering that can be seen in the knight’s hall. Also, the mansion contains saloons that served as a meeting place for many renowned guests that were visiting the place couple of centuries ago. In the secondary, additional rooms, you can see mythological scenes and various maps on the total of 25 exhibits. Baroque frescos were made by the master named Joannecky. Unfortunately, it is unknown who made the preserved plastering. There is a certain legend of making the today’s mansion. When the count Dizma Attens was just a little boy, he was kidnapped by a band of robbers that was led by notorious Špelka. Old count went looking for him with his entourage, killed members of the gang upon finding them and took a boy with him. When Dizma grew up, he abandoned grey old castle and found the place for his new residency in the plain of Dravinja. Today, the venue of Štatemberg is visited mostly by people with professional guides. Also, since the appearance of the castle is dreamy and charming, many love couple organize their weddings there.  

Predjama castle

Predjama castle

The castle is known for its legends and about knights and knighthoods that are recounted inside the castle. But, to experience all those attractive and entertaining stories, you have to reach the location of the castle. It is located on 123-meter cliff and it is considered to be the largest cave castle in the world. But, the significance of this historic monument lies in the vast complex of the secret tunnels that are situated behind the castle. Its inspiring locations encouraged many filmmakers form making their feature films and shows in this very castle and tunnels behind it. One of them is Game of Thrones. While there, ask your guide or your host about the magnificent legends of brave heart warrior Erazem who fought on the castle’s side, protecting it from the conquerors. It is a wholesome story which will tell you just about everything you need to know about the history and myths of this unprecedented castle. 

Sevnica castle

This castle is located above the old town of Sevnica. The current facility proudly stands on a little hill above the town and it is one of the castles that managed to survive Croatian – Slovenian peasant revolt in 1573. Its position exudes with the spirit of simple and self –sufficient life that was present many centuries ago. Travelers and people of good will come here to step on the brake of life to regain good energy in their lives. Because of its significance, the castle of Sevnica is considered to be historical, cultural, political and ceremonial nexus of the town. Although the castle went through many renovations in the recent years, it still kept the original charm that was apparent many centuries ago when noblemen walked the majestic halls of this historic monument. If you are lover of art collections that are showcased on exhibitions, you will love the fact that the castle contains various types of art in it. Too see where the local wine comes from, break through the castle corridors to reach the vineyard outside. If you planned to try some of the available wines, there is also a winery in the castle where you can also enjoy some suitable snacks.

Celje castle

Celje castle

Celje castle is one of those places that stays permanently in your memory once you visit it. Many epithets adorn this majestic place full of ancient appeal and preserved segments that are telling a story of old civilizations. Originally, Celje castle only included Romanesque palace and the walls. Only with an engagement of the Count of Celje, the castle got today’s prodigious look and outline. Over the years, many intrigues and conspiracy plots were revolving in this stupendous castle, including the event when Herman the 2nd Celjski locked up his son Friderik the 2nd in the dungeon because the latter one was in love with Veronika Desinićka. But, these stories are just tip of the iceberg, ask your guide for more insights about various happenings through the years. We recommend you to come at the end of August when the event Dežela Celjska vabi (Land of Celje invites). This nifty show will give you opportunity to participate in sword fights with knights. Of course, if you are romantic at heart and you are some kind of old soul, you can always ask the management to help you with a wedding organization.

Fužine castle

Do you like castle museums? This simple, yet good looking castle is a home to the museum of architecture and design. It is only preserved Renaissance castle in Ljubljana. Also, because of its broad, spacious layout, it is a great location for organization of business and social events. Another question is, are you planning to visit Ljubljana with some kind of event organization in plan? Maybe you should consider booking one of the rooms in Fužine castle. The halls and courtyard can welcome between from 250 to 800 guests. If you are just visiting as a tourist, don’t miss the opportunity to visit aforementioned museum. It contains exhibits with artwork of almost all famous Slovene architects and designers of 20th century. If you count photographers, the total of almost 1000 authors is represented here.

Loka castle

The history of castle goes in 12th century when three fortifications stood above Škofja Loka: The upper tower, the lower fort and the Loka castle. It was first mentioned in 13th century as castrum firmissimum, although an outline of today’s facility dates to the 16th century. Škofja Loka suffered major earthquake in 1691 and that was the first occasion when the castle was renovated. People consider this castle to be one of the most notable and significant facilities in Slovenia. Today, Loka castle contains a splendid museum with collections of various types and origins (cultural, artistic, ethnological and natural). If you enter the castle garden, you will see 16th century farmhouse that was impeccably preserved all this years. Whole Škofja Loka region is filled with precious castles, monuments, mansions and ruins of the past buildings so ask your local guides to give you directions to some of the fabulous historic houses.

Ljubljana castle

This 900 year old monument is a fabulous vantage point from which you can catch a glimpse of the entire city. The castle was built on old Roman foundation stones that were already available in the city. Those stones still exist today and can be seen between new layers of the walls.   Today, the castle is a meeting point for all the lovers of museum, history and exhibitions. Also, if you want to learn more about Slovene history, numerous exhibits will tell you stories about country’s eventful and fascinating past events. One of the rooms even has a Virtual castle technology where you can experience the history of the castle and indulge yourself in virtual tour though this sublime monument. You certainly came on the right place to learn something new. But, if you come on the right time, you can join numerous events like cultural shows, dance evenings and movie screenings under the vast sky. Are you lover of hard rock/electronics music and planning to visit Ljubljana in the fall? The Slovenian’s world famous group Laibach will organize a concert in the fall by the Ljubljana castle. So book your tickets while they are available.


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