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First time visitors to Slovenia should check this sites!

Visit Ljubljana

Although Slovenian capital city is much smaller than other European cities, its unique charm makes it worth a visit. 

The major attraction of this city is The Old Town, perched on a hill above the city center and the Tromostovje, the triple bridge that spans over the Ljubljanica River. 

Beneath the Old Town of Ljubljana, the city is bursting with history and cultural heritage – inspiring museums and galleries full of fine arts, the building of famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik and an occasional blast-to-the-past burst of retro-Yugoslav urban planning.

Don’t miss on Lake Bled

Located near the Julian Alps, this magnificent lake is one of the most visited spots in Slovenia. The stunning turquoise glacial lake with lush green forests on the side, a castle perched on a hill, and a cute island in the middle of the lake is one of the most photogenic landscapes in Europe.

Small but worth it, don’t miss Ptuj 

This is located on the banks of the Drava River, in the Eastern part of the country. This town has an exciting collection of architecture. One of the biggest attractions is the Orpheus Monument that dates back to Roman times. 

Historical Celje town

This is one of the oldest cities in Slovenia, located on the banks of the Saving River. This small town’s claim to fame is the 14th-century castle situated on top of a hillock. You can explore the tiny town with a brisk walk along cobblestoned roads and admire buildings made during medieval times.

One of the best in Slovenia, visit Ptuj’s Winery

This is the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia, famous for its 3 brands – Pullus, Pinky Chick, and Halozan. With an 800-year-old tradition, this winery has been awarded 5 times in a row as the Best National Producer. It also won other international awards for its exceptional wine quality.

Get to Santomas Winery and taste one of the best wines in the world

This winery also has deep-rooted traditions along with a visitor-friendly environment. They have some of the best-rated wines in the world, notably The Grande Cuvee 2006, and Grande Cuvee 2009.

You must visit Škocjan Caves

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Škocjan Caves, is a karst cave system at least 6 kilometers long that  reaches a depth of 200 m. Along the way to the bottom, there are numerous waterfalls and one of the largest known underground chambers. Around the Škocjan Caves is a Karst Biosphere Reserve. 

Hike to Mount Triglav

Triglav National Park is one of the largest national reserves in Europe – with its territory of 840 sq km it covers over 4% of Slovenian territory. The captivating mountain landscape is rich with gorges, stunning lakes, canyons, waterfalls, beautiful forests, and charming meadows. 

Mount Triglav, the highest point in the park, is famous as a fantastic hiking and climbing destination. It overlooks the mesmerizing National Park and surrounding areas. 

Don’t forget to add Radone River Gorge to the list of must see places

This stunning natural gorge, adorned with the lush greenery, is a popular destination for hiking, canyoning, and rock-climbing enthusiasts.

This itinerary lists all the highlights that perfectly encompasses your Slovenian vacation. Check it out to get some ideas!


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