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Engaging places for photo shooting on Hvar.

Hvar is not just your usual island. It is a place of thousand wonders. But, it is important to have a solid viewpoint to capture some delightful photos to remind you about the jaw-dropping place you visited in years to come. Sometimes, it is hard to find one of a kind place that can fulfill your imagination. We are about to suggest some places which are notable for its uniqueness, captivity and value for returning in the near future. Once there, make sure to stop at these places to capture best pictures in Hvar. To visit Hvar and some of other notable sites on the Adriatic Coast, visit this itinerary page to start planning your dream vacation in Croatia.

Fortica fortress

Hvar Fortica

When you arrive on the stupendous island of Hvar, a vast space opens up in front of you. Your choice is what you will visit first. But, we strongly recommend that you start ascending to the Fortica fortress that is situated above the main harbor. While progressing to the zenith , you will see many old palaces and historical monuments that are located just below the hill. The stairs to the top are surrounded by Mediterranean plants and leaves that will enrich your senses and make your ascend cozy and pleasurable. Choose a good vantage point on your way to see the Square of St. Stephen and the church of the same name that are situated at the bottom of the hill. It is best to visit Fortica in the middle of the summer in the afternoon so you can feel mild sunrays on your face and a little push of the wind on your back if the day is comfortably cold. Many amphoras on the top and other exhibits from Middle ages remained preserved as a symbol of times some 600 -700 years ago. Corners and ends of the Fortica fortress are offering exquisite angles of the majestic Hvar Island. But, the most delicious treat in the box full of ancient facilities are definitely Pakleni Islands in the background. Take the opportunity if the weather is fair and capture some unique photos.

Adriana Hotel top bar

While visiting Hvar, you deserve to be treated nicely by the hotel staff. One of the ways to enjoy hospitality of the island is to visit Adriana Hotel. Highlight of this hotel is stylish, contemporary design. But, for ultimate, unique experience, you should check the bar at the top of the hotel and see the astonishing view on the Adriatic. During the day, you probably visited divine locations like the old town’s core, town’s harbor, the famous bay and Paklinski islands. Now, when the evening is near and you want to wrap up your experience with something out of the ordinary, check out the Adriana hotel Top Bar. You will certainly enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the dusk while sipping your favorite drink/cocktail.

Hvar, Croatia
Hvar, Croatia (view over to Pakleni Islands)

St. Nicholas peak

St. Nicholas Peak

The view from St. Nicholas peak is stunning and everyone who visits Hvar should spend at least 1-2 hours for climbing this majestic peak. Your journey to the tip of the hill will be marked by numerous olive groves, patches of lavender and old, traditional walled terraces. On your way, you will see that patterns of the stone walls are getting more and more complex. Among the lavender fields, you will see some vineyards that were erected relatively recently. Hvar is famous for its tasty wine and people believe that the finest sorts originate from the hill of St. Nicholas. When you reach your ultimate destination, you will be surrounded by neighboring islands of Brač, Vis and Korčula, depending on your actual position. Weather on the highest ground of the hill is prone to changes and can be windy and cold on cloudy days. But, make sure feel you feel the freshness of Adriatic Sea beneath you. Above that, you will come across many healthy, fragrant plants while you are making your way up to the sky. So, breathe deeply and try to inhale this pristine piece of nature in yourself. 

The village of Vrbovska

The village of Vrbovska

The place is so nifty in its appearance that locals nicknamed it “The Little Venice”. Houses in the village are a mixture of different historical styles. If you have the knowledge of architecture history, you will probably spend most of the time glancing at differently structured facilities. The geographical location of the village is utterly unique because it is located at the end of the narrow, curvy inlet. Every piece of this picturesque place is enriched by fragrant scent of pine forests that are surrounding the village. Nature lovers can enjoy the appearance of healthy, prolific trees from the landward side and cute little beaches from seaward side. The main purpose of the locals for the whole year tourism and fishing. Since fishes are life here, you can enjoy various culinary treats made from the sea fruits. While there, don’t forget to visit the famous fortified church which was built on the foundations of the former church of St. Mary.  Also, if you are a nudist, search for a specific beach location approximately 1 km from the town center.

The bay of Mala Stiniva

Mala Stiniva beach is one of those places you must cherish at least once while visiting Hvar. It is secluded little beach in the middle of the island and a perfect destination for bathing session if you reside at nearby town of Jelsa. The lovely formation of the beach is apparent from the very moment you step on the pebble ground. Dive deep in the water or swim leisurely on the surface to discover beach’s famous cliffs that descend into the sea. Nearby, slightly bigger cove Vela Stiniva is known for its countryside house which is a plausible depiction of the famous Baroque style from the Island of Brač. So, bring your swimming equipment and see how the sea is warm and beach comfortable below your feet.         

When it comes to Hvar, you don’t need to temper with your photos in the photoshop afterwards. You just need to find a right angle and snap your camera!

Hvar, Stiniva Bay


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