{Daily updates} Corona virus in Croatia

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{Daily updates} All you need to know about the corona virus in Croatia & Balkans – realistic numbers, Croatian Government official statement, and our special booking policy to current situation

{April 2} According to the latest report, there are 1011 people with the COVID-19 corona virus in Croatia. 7 people died and 88 were cured. Fortunately, in comparison to yesterday, the number of newly diagnosed patients is reduced by more than a half. Since many of the Croatian people who went abroad are coming back in Croatia for Easter holidays, they will have to be put in quarantine and the government is very strict about the measures and rules for those who decide to get back despite the situation.

Some cities in Croatia started implementing “drive in” testing so the people who want to be tested to the virus can do that in the car.  Firstly, it was opened in Zagreb and now the patients can do that in Karlovac too. Davor Božinović, the minister of civil protection, said that all the quarantine measures are temporary and their suspension will be approved when the situation normalize and we have at least couple days with no new cases Minister of demography, family, young people and social politics Vesna Bedeković emphasized that not a single institution for social work stopped working during the epidemic. She said that every person who is struggling with invalidity or some social issue is still able to use the services of the institution.  

The situation in Serbia is showing constant increase in new cases each day. In the last 24 hours, 3 more people died from the virus and there were 111 more new diagnoses. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are more than 500 patients with the Corona virus at this moment.

Italy recorded the smallest number of newly contracted patients so far. Although, mortality is still horrendous because 760 people died in the last 24 hours. The governor of Lombardy shared his optimism by saying that the total number of deaths and newly diagnosed people will be even more reduced in couple of days. In Russia, Vladimir Putin proclaimed that the whole April will be non – working to influence people to stay at home. In addition, he said that the paychecks will be given on time. Another notorious record for Spain where 950 people died in the last 24 hours. Although, the number of newly diagnosed patients is smallest since the beginning of the epidemic.

Although, there is one more victim of the virus, Croatia can be satisfied with the measures that were put in power all over the country. Despite its best efforts, situation in Spain and Italy is still serious. But, if the state campaign for education of the citizens will prove successful, the number of deaths should begin to stagnate in a week or two as confirmed by local scientists.    

{April 1} According to the latest report, there are 963 people with the (COVID-19) corona virus in Croatia, 96 more than yesterday. Fortunately, there are no new death cases and 6 more people are successfully cured. 18 people are being treated on respirators but others who have mild conditions are stable and are steadily recovering.

The headquarters of national security presented the new project of electronic passes that can be used from April 6th for those who must travel for work. Other migrations between cities for those without the passes is still forbidden and it will stay like that until at least April 30th. Depending on the purpose, the electronic passes will be approved for the period between 1 and 14 days.

Implemented measures are apparently not working for every country. Serbia is still in very tough position with 5 deaths since yesterday and new 160 patients who contracted the virus. There are no new deaths in Slovenia, but the number of people who contracted virus is now 841. Many of the patients have milder conditions although 31 of the contracted patients are in critical condition on intensive care unit. Bosnia & Herzegovina also had a stable day with no new death cases, although there are 4 new cases of the virus. Since the number of deaths is rapidly rising, Britain is becoming new center of Corona virus. In the last 24 hours, 563 people died.

China is slowly but steadily recovering from the epidemic. It is interesting to notice that the new cases of COVID-19 among the Chinese people appeared because the patients apparently got it in another countries so they are doing their best to stop the second outbreak and thinking about travel restrictions again. The centers of the epidemic are multiplying outside the borders while the China remains relatively safe within its borders.  

The situation in Spain is still not stabilizing and the number of deaths is rising second day in a row. The good news for Spain that 22.647 people recovered from the virus,  that is 20% out of total number of cases.

The initial center of the virus, China, is steadily recovering while the Europe is still struggling. The Britain is reaching the number of Spain and Italy, but the other countries like France, Netherlands and Austria are highly impacted. Now, it is crucial for state governments not to go easy on drastic quarantine measures because situation can become treacherous if people relax too much. All we can say that there is much more positive thoughts then it was yesterday and we hope we will be able to travel again, soon.

{March 31} The latest reports about the virus spreading said that the are 77 new cases of corona virus in Croatia, the same number as yesterday. There are no reports of new deaths and the number of cured patients is still rising – now there are 67 of them. There is a same number of cases as the day before and the minister of health Vili Beroš commented that the measures were an indirect reason for the virus stagnation. Nobody knows the exact extent of the virus in the future but the country is very positive the life shall be back to normal soon.  

The officials in the ministry of health made sure that the sport buildings like Arena Zagreb and Spaladium Arena in Split are converted into mass medical facilities for the reception of the contracted patients in case that is needed, but as it looks at the moment that will not be needed.

The worst day for Serbia so far. There are new 7 deaths and the total number of deceased patients is now 23. There are also new, 115 cases.  Two new death cases were reported in Bosnia and Herzegovina so the total number is now 12. Another tragic day for Italy and Spain where more than 1500 people died due to complications caused by the corona virus. Although Russia was one of the countries that were relatively stable in fighting with the virus, seems like COVID -19 started spreading uncontrollably through the whole country. Now there are 2337 confirmed cases of the Corona virus, which is still fairly low number since Russia is the country with the population of 144.5 million people. Good news from Sweden. One of the biggest furniture retail chains IKEA announced the beginning of producing medical and safety equipment so Croatia can soon expect the products to be available in the region. Although, the products will probably be available only for online purchasing due to the closing of the stores that are not necessary for daily living.

The situation in Croatia is slowly stabilizing, but the peak of the virus outbreak still is not reach. Despite slow growth, Croatia has to stay united and stay home and people should stay in self isolation so we stop the corona virus from spreading. Luckily, we can say for certain that Italian scenario will not happen in Croatia and we are very thankful for that.

The tourism will hurt a lot this year and we keep an eye on everything so our guest and future travelers are aware of the situation. Currently, all is planned to go back to normal April 30,2020. We all hope that is the date when all goes back to normal.

{March 30} According to the latest reports by the officials, 790 people are contracted with the corona virus in Croatia. Fortunately, today were no new deaths and the number of patients who were cured is still rising in Croatia. Also, the good and positive news is that there is not a single patient that is in critical conditions and majority are with mild symptoms.

The police sent a crucial message to foreigners who are currently in Croatia and cannot leave the country because of the virus. Everyone who is in Croatia at the moment, have to send a confirmation to a ministry of interior business so they can be recorded in the system. Since the current situation is very complex, police confirmed that the foreigners, who stayed within Croatian borders for more than 90 days, will not be fined. Also, new restrictive measure was approved in public transportation that is still operating. Since the epidemic is not showing signs of weakness in other Eu countries, the maritime traffic will be stopped in permanent sailing harbors  Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Mali Lošinj, Korčula and Ubli. Also, the traffic is stopped in many of the seasonal traffic harbors like Novigrad and Božava to stop any unnecessary social contact.

Meanwhile, UNICEF donated 4 tons of safety and medical equipment to Croatia. The organization called the media, citizens and public figures to actively support the campaign to buy the money for respirators and other medical equipment.  New 44 cases were confirmed in Serbia with 3 more deaths in the last 24 hours, making it 16 in total. The mortality rate is still fairly low with 2.04%. In Slovenia, no new death cases, although the total number of the contracted patients increased to 756, which is 62 more than on Sunday.

Another horrific day in Italy, where more than 400 people died just in the region of Lombardy. 400 more died in the rest of Italy. The officials in Spain gave the number of 812 new death cases in Spain while 6400 people contracted the virus since the Sunday. Fortunately for United Kingdom, the experts are saying that the epidemic is showing signs of slowing down. But still, according to predictions, stable situation is not on the horizon and definitely not in April.

The Easter is coming and many people cannot find a rational reason for pleasure. Many state governments are requesting their citizens to stay at home and to not expose themselves in public. Many of the public gatherings are cancelled and people are planning to celebrate the holiday at home. Here at Via we are following all the news and hope that travel will be possible this summer so we can all go back to creating amazing travel trips to Europe. Until then, stay home and stay safe. 

{March 29} According to the newest information, there are 713 people who are positive on Corona virus. Fortunately, the number of cured patients is getting higher every day. Now, there are 52 of them who successfully defeated the virus. Furthermore, Croatian citizens continued using benefits of the specialized shops and stores which were reopened. Director of the Croatian institute for public health confirmed that the parts of interior markets are still opening for disposition.

Another bad day for Italy where more than 700 people died from the virus in the last 24 hours. On a positive note, the number is lower than the day before. Two more people died in Serbia and the total number deaths is 13. The state of Serbia is going to similar conditions like Croatia and has approximately same number of positive cases, more than 700. George Sao, the president of the Chinese center for control and prevention of the disease criticized Europe for not handling the virus in the proper way and emphasized that many of the people from the risk categories are not using safety masks and thermometers. British Prime minister requested the people of Britain to stay home because he thinks that the situation will soon be even worse.

Europe is still struggling, but every country except Italy and Spain has things under control. Giving the situation in United States, we all hope that measures will show results to at least slow down the virus spread.

{March 28} In the last 24 hours, 71 new people were diagnosed with Corona virus. The current number of people tested positive is up to 657. But, there are over 50 patients who have been successfully cured. The people of Croatian country are awaiting a shipment of medical supplies from China which is due to come late as tomorrow on Sunday. Some markets and stores were re-opened so the people could buy necessary products like meat. Shops who are selling building materials were also opened so that the citizens of Zagreb can buy construction material for renewing damaged houses and buildings after the earthquake that hit Zagreb couple days back. 

Croatian scientist Ivan Đikić sent the important message to Croatian people to cooperate together in tough times, to be motivated, to test more people to the virus, to protect the economy, to educate citizens and the whole population and to be innovative in using science as our ideology of solving problems. He emphasized that Croatia has certain qualities for fighting off the virus but the number of potential deaths still can’t be predicted. The same goes for the economic consequences.

The number of deaths in Italy surpassed the number of 10 000.  Last few days, the number of deaths is closing to 1000. Serbia is still not showing signs of recovery as the 10th person died from the virus in that country. The state presented drastic measures to ease up the effects of the virus. In Slovenia, 9th person died from the virus. As Croatia, Slovenian government is preparing serious measures to help the declining economy. Some positive news for Wuhan in China where the government proclaimed that it is reopening borders and public roads. People are finally getting out of the quarantine.

Croatia is steadily fighting virus and every day represents a certain challenge for the whole state. Although there are still people who are not respecting the quarantine and they can represent problem if they will move in crowded circles. The state is reacting fast and promptly and it is ready to penalize those who are migrating between locations without the pass. As for the world, nobody knows for certain how long will it take for Spain, Italy and Iran to recover from ongoing pandemic. For European countries, the important thing is to prepare the economic measures so that the states can recover more quickly after the pandemic is finished or at least put under control and it looks like they are doing everything to do so.

{March 27} Fortunately, the day in Croatia passed without new death cases. Currently, there are 37 cases of patients who recovered from the illness so far. Minister Božinović explained that it is possible that farmer’s markets will be reopened for selling meat and other specialized products but emphasized that markets should not be the meeting point for socializing.

Again, he noted that a niceer weather should not be the reason for going outside for a prolonged period of time.  Zagreb holding confirmed that parking in some Zagreb areas will not be charged. More precise, the quarters of upper and lower town, Podsljeme, Upper Dubrava and Sesvete.

In Italy, the worst day yet, there have been 919 new deaths in the last 24 hours. 7.4% more people contracted the virus which is the lowest figure since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy. The situation is not easing up in Spain where the new 769 people died because of the virus.  Two new death cases have confirmed in Slovenia, 9 in total. It has been confirmed that the prime minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, is positive for Corona virus. Serbia confirmed its 9th death because of the virus too. Since the situation for Hungary can be critical for Hungary in the upcoming months, the Prime Minister Viktor Orban proclaimed the national quarantine of two weeks.

Another sad day is behind us, especially for Spain and Italy. America is still in a very bad shape because of the big number of new cases each year. Despite big increase in numbers of new cases in some countries we are keeping positive and hopeful that quarantine will show slowdown all around the world. Until it does, stay home and dream travel about where you will go next to celebrate life as we cannot wait to get out of the house.

{March 26} Today, new 53 cases have been confirmed and the total number of contracted people is 495. (22 people recovered from the disease and released from the hospital). Minister Vili Beroš is optimistic and stated that the drastic measures which have been put in power are giving good results. The headquarters for civil protection gave permission to the truck drivers who were delivering abroad to be in self-isolation in their own home. Additionally, they can continue their work after a call from their employers. Unfortunately, It has been officially confirmed that the second person died from the Corona virus in Croatia.

Fortunately for Italy, fourth day in a row, there is a significant decline in the number of new patients who were contracted with virus. Good news from the Vatican: It has been confirmed that Pope Francis doesn’t have Corona virus. Officials are advising the whole population to restrict themselves from socializing.  To prevent people from making long unnecessary journeys, border police restricted the entrance to the regions beyond the borders. But, transit traffic for delivery trucks is still permitted. Another day bad for Spain where 19% more people than yesterday died from the virus. Bad trend of the virus continued in Serbia where officials confirmed the seventh death from the virus, two more than yesterday. 457 people are battling with the virus at the moment. Slovenia is reporting about the new 36 cases of the virus. Sixth person died since the beginning of the outbreak in the country. Seems like Montenegro is fighting well with the virus since only 67 people have been contracted with the virus.

The USA is close to proclaiming the epidemic. The situation can quickly can get out of the control and people are in despair because they lost their jobs. The situation is still fairly critical in countries like Italy and Spain. But, Italy showed positive tendency with the reduced number of new contracted cases. The most important thing is that the people of affected countries are respecting the quarantine and not going abroad in other countries.  

{March 25} It has been officially confirmed that the man from Istria, who was in isolation, died from COVID-19 making it the first confirm death in Croatia from the virus. But, luckily, more and more people are recovering from the virus, 22 of them. 442 people are positive with corona virus in Croatia, that’s 60 new cases in the last 24 hours. The good news is that Saturday was the last day with the higher number of contracted (inclined number in comparison to the day before). So, the number is fortunately getting lower and lower.

The Croatian chamber for psychical health opened a free telephone number for professional help to all the people who suffer in quarantine. The popular “The night of the book” will not be organized in a live form. Instead, many of the content will be available on the internet (online programs and the virtual event opening).

The officials asked the people not to stay for long on gas stations. Since gas stations don’t have limited working time, many people saw the opportunity for socializing and mingling in front of the shops. Mass gatherings are strictly not advised and people are requested not to have prolonged staying at the gas stations and other selling points.

Slovenia confirmed the new 48 cases of the virus and now has the total number of 528 contracted persons, the fifth person died from the virus. In Montenegro, there are total of 52 cases with five new cases today. Another bad day in Spain where the number of deaths surpassed the number in China (3434 deaths). Most of the dead are currently in Italy where 683 people died from the virus. Fortunately, less than yesterday. Serbia counted its third victim of the virus and the total number of contracted people is 303

The virus is quickly spreading and nobody knows for certain what the next country with the highest number of deaths will be. Since many people are not respecting the quarantine, just one mass event is enough to effect the vast majority of the country. Some of the countries have a sharp decline in deaths, but the oscillations can be quite unpredictable. Worst cases are currently in Spain, Italy and Iran. But, since the virus is quickly conquering United States and United Kingdom, we can expect the peak in the upcoming weeks if the care for the contracted persons will not be adequate. After all, the best organization comes from ourselves and only we can decide whether or not we will expose ourselves unnecessarily to the public places. So, for now, stay home as it was never easier to save someones life.

{March 24} Currently, there are 382 persons with the Corona virus in Croatia, with 46 new cases. Fortunately, it was also confirmed that the 16 people recovered from the virus. We are still seeing huge increase in number of new cases around Europe and also United Kingdom. especially, where 422 people died from yesterday. The second worst day from the outbreak in Italy, where 743 people died as well.

In the surrounding countries, Slovenia has 480 total cases, 38 more than yesterday. Also, they recorded fourth death from the virus. Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed that the total amount of contracted patients is 137 with few new cases in various parts of the country.

In cooperation with the headquarters for national protection and security, Croatian post office announced that it is ceasing operations in various parts of the city. Meanwhile, one of the biggest retail chains in Croatia, Pevex, request its customers to make their purchases online. Among the sport news, it has been officially confirmed that the Olympic Games in Tokyo are postponed to next year. The virus is quickly spreading through the world, but Croatia is fortunate enough to have good organization and quality stuff to handle Corona Virus. If people will obey the imposed rules, the chances of Italian scenario are minimal and we all hope it will not happen and we will all go back to normal life soon. Also, it came from China as definite that corona virus cannot fight the heat, so we all hope that summer and warm weather arrives soon.

{March 23} The officials gave the confirmation that the total of 315 people have corona virus in Croatia as end day today. Fortunately, five people who are cured and released home with no symptoms. All public transport is still in blockage and the ministry of the police said that he will sign the directive which is forbidding the people from leaving their towns to stop any social contact in between the cities.

Furthermore, bad news in Serbia as they confirmed they third victim from the virus on Monday. There are 249 contracted in the country, 27 more than tomorrow. The president of the Croatian apothecary chamber confirmed that from Monday morning, pharmacies will work in shorter working hours while the pharmacies on sentry will work 24 hours a day for any emergencies. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, two people are in serious condition and are treated in Mostar Hospital. There were no new cases in the last 24 hours and the total of 16 people is contracted with the virus.

There is a slow incline in new cases in Slovenia as 28 new people have been diagnosed with the virus, making the total number of contracted 442. The first death due to the virus was confirmed in Montenegro.  Croatian institution for health insurance requested that every inquiry is sent via internet, coming in person in the institution is not advised. Also, national Park Brijuni closed its doors till further notice. Currently all major tourist attractions are closed and it seems like tourism in Croatia shut down. Croatian government issued a notice for all Croatian citizens abroad to return back home as soon as possible as total lock down is possible to happen in next couple of days to stop further spread of coronavirus.

Corona virus in Croatia does not look very good at the moment but we believe these measures are needed since people did not take the virus seriously and were not following all the measures government put out. We also see constant breach of self isolation and government is writing big fines for those are not following the orders. We cannot wait for this to calm down so we can all freely travel again but for that to happen sooner we need everyone in the world to understand that the situation is very serious and that we need to stay put and #stayhome!

{March 22} The officials gave the public daily update about Corona virus again. At the moment, there are 254 people with the diagnosis. From midnight, no public transportation is available. Trams, buses and trains are no longer operating due to the elevated risk of spreading the disease and only people with special permit can use it. The people who can get the special permit are the ones who still work in industries that are crucial for current survival of the population of Croatia.

Minister Božinović said that the presented measures are functioning according to the plan but, if necessary, more rigorous decisions for quarantine will be applied. It was also announced that post offices will work in shorter term and no earlier than 8am and no longer than 5 pm. Entrance will be only permitted with hygienic masks.

In Slovenia, there are 414 people with a disease with 2 death cases. During the weekend, there were two dead cases in Kosovo and in North Macedonia too. On the positive note, there were less confirmed cases of the virus in Croatia than yesterday. From Friday to Saturday; there were 78 newly diagnosed cases. Since the number is declining, ministry is satisfied with measures.

Moreover, today’s situation about the Corona was mostly overshadowed by destructive earthquake that woke up most of the Croatia approximately in 6.30am. The earthquake had a magnitude of 5.4 on Richter scale with an epicenter in Markuševec north of Zagreb. It was also felt in Hungary, Slovenia and Austria. It caused massive damage to buildings in the center of the Zagreb with numerous cars completely destroyed. Huge pieces of debris were shattered on the roads and on the walkways and many people had to be situated in school dorms since the homes were destroyed and unsafe for their return. Several people were taken to the hospital with minor to severe wounds and one girl of 15 years was seriously injured and currently is fighting for her life. Military was sent to the terrain to aid the people whose homes were destroyed. Smaller earthquakes continued through the day, but there was no recorded damage. Just when we thought there is nothing worst that can happen, mother nature surprised us. Luckily, Croatia showed they are ready to handle any crisis in very effective way and Zagreb was back to normal life by the end of the day today.

{March 21} Minister Vili Beroš confirmed that the total number of people with the Corona virus is 204 with, fortunately, no new deaths. Since many people are not respecting the rules of isolation, Beroš said that the officials will convert the city of Zagreb into quarantine if it will be necessary. He is, unfortunately, sure that this is the measure that will have to be applied starting Monday to stop the scenario in other countries where the virus is freely spreading. Still, Croatia can track down and connect the virus to people who were in contact, successful stopping free spread of the virus.He said that if people will not obey the rules and orders, we are 19 days away from the Italian situation.

New measures have been presented to keep the people at home. So, officials ordered that public gatherings are strictly prohibited and so is the prolonged staying at the same place. It is important to says that from March 22th, none of the public transport will be in function (buses, trams and trains.). Ferry lines are also reduced. Taxis are an exception and will be operating but there must be 10min difference between the rides.

In Italy, worst day yet with nearly 800 death and more than 6000 newly diagnosed patients. We are positive that all the measures put by all EU countries will result in pandemic to show a slow down soon. We are all in this together and we are all individuals who can make the difference. Please stay home, saving lives was never easier.

{March 20} It’s been confirmed that 128 people in Croatia have the Corona virus. There are 15 new cases today which is still very optimistic and positive taking into consideration numbers in other EU countries. Among them, three are have recorded harsh symptoms and had to be hospitalized.

One of the newly presented measures is that all the playgrounds are closing due to the virus. Also, attendance on funerals is limited to only narrow family circles. To reduce the chances of spreading the virus, the government is considering a decision to suspense all the local transport and transport between cities and regions so this is definitely the time when we would not recommend travel to Croatia for any reason. For now taxies are not the object of the consideration.

Unfortunately, some of the people are still not respecting the quarantine and 18 people were caught in activities outside of their homes. Experts are advising all the people to stay home and to avoid any unnecessary contact, especially because of the prognosis of winter conditions on the weekend. Stay home is a message circling around population as people started to realize this is far from ‘regular flu’.

{March 19th} At the end of the day, it has been confirmed that 105 people caught the coronavirus in Croatia. Ministry of health Vili Beroš said that drastic measures which were put in power are functioning quite well if we compare growth numbers with other European countries. He said Corona virus in Croatia is under control and that is very positive for all people in Croatia.

Prime minister Andrej Plenković said that Croatia is in the toughest position since the homeland war almost thirty years ago. The mayor of Zagreb proclaimed that the city will start disinfection of the most populated areas. Meanwhile, ex president of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović came back from USA and said that she is giving all the support to people who are fighting with the disease and to those who are in quarantine. Since the whole situation can run out of control, Croatian military erected tents in from of the hospital in Dubrava, Zagreb, so that the people with the disease can be adequately accepted. Dubrovnik airport also closed its operation after 1 worker tested positive for corona.

The situation in Italy is devastating and it has been confirmed that 427 died because of the disease and 5322 are infected. The prime minister said Giuseppe Conti said it is is justified that the whole country is still under blockage.

We follow the news each day but we can easily say that we are all under some kind of lockdown. We believe we should all follow the rules and #stayhome to avoid contact, so we can all travel tomorrow.

{March 18th} Croatian government proclaimed that the new set of rules is in power from midnight. The orders will stay in power for thirty days and they will include the closing of various objects including museums, theaters and cinemas. The objects with purpose of selling food, drugs, animal food, kiosks and gas stations will be still open for everyone. The restaurants will be opened just for food delivery. But still, the established hygiene rules and rules about keeping distance between people are still in power. Also, the ministry proclaimed that going out of the borders is strictly prohibited. There has been about 1171 testings for the disease and 10 000 people are isolated from the outside world. Officially, there is 87 people with a disease in Croatia. In Istria there was a case of death. A man died during the quarantine in his home, but it is not officially confirmed yet that his death was caused by the virus. In Germany, chancellor Angela Merkel said that her government is bringing drastic measures to limit social contacts between people. She said “These measures are never seen before in the history of Germany, but there are much needed so that the spreading of the virus can be slowed down.”. Unfortunately, Italia has bad news again because in one day, 475 people died as a result of the disease, the biggest number in the country so far. In the world of entertainment, it has been confirmed that this year’s Eurovision song contest has been cancelled.

{March 17th} The current number of cases in Croatia is 65 people. Croatian prime minister said that everyone should respect the new anti – disease measures and that this is the time for a higher level of responsibility. Comparing to the other European countries, the number of cases is still slowly growing. Luckily, in Croatia the numbers are growing slowly and we still can track all points of contact and the government said the virus is still not freely spreading around the nation.

Meanwhile, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs and other facilities are closing down. With four new cases, national ministry of health confirmed that the two doctors from Rebro hospital are infected with a virus. A total of 93 people violated the quarantine by going outside but all were found on time with huge fines.

Some good news are coming from Italy where government proclaimed that the virus is not spreading so fast anymore because of the rigorous quarantine regimes. But, the toll of the death is still high and the total amount of 349 people has died. To prevent extra spreading of the virus, European union confirmed that it is closing the borders from Tuesday. Fortunately for most of the people, many of the Americans respect the quarantine and stay at home as a precaution to protect others. Slovenia is considering new ways of fighting the virus since there are 275 diseased people with one death, according to the official records. In the world of sports, it has been confirmed that the European football championship is postponing for the 2021.

{March 13th to 16th}

Government put drastic measures to stop any unnecessary movements among people. Seven new cases have been confirmed by the ministry of health, now there is a total of 56 cases in Croatia. Police told the public that that the breaching of the quarantine and self-isolation will not be tolerated and that fines will be rigorous. People are massively avoiding public places like coffee shops restaurants and malls. We would say it is a positive measure that shall work in our intentions to stop any scenario that could lead to scenario that overtook Italy.

There was also a proclamation that many facilities like gyms, pools, coffee shops, and all tourist spots will be closed for a short period of time until all calms down. On the global level, there are more than 7000 deaths including the horrendous number of cases in Italy: 349. Fortunately for Croatia, one of the first patients with the diagnosis of Corona has successfully recovered and released from the hospital. Slovenia is implementing harsh measures on the borders by testing the migrants for the disease. Slovenia is currently showing 150 positive Coronavirus cases.

Even though the situation in Europe is escalating and the numbers are constantly growing we are all very positive that this shall pass by mid-year. In China there has been a positive daily trend of decrease of new cases and it looks like they have won the fight with Coronavirus. We believe Europe is on a good way to do the same, especially with this drastic measures like EU boarders closing that EU union countries are suggesting.

We have to admit that even though people are scared the travel industry is still holding up. We are experiencing huge slow down, however, bookings for summer, fall, and respectfully for 2021 are still happening and people are still planning their trips. Smart travelers will use this time to get travel deals. With new terms and conditions that most companies applied as an answer to Coronavirus, everyone will be able to re-book for free in any case of travel bans or further escalation of declared pandemic.

{March 12th} Situation in whole Europe seems chaotic but there is also much positivism among Croatian and Europeans. Starting today all boarders are officially closed to stop the spread and anyone who comes from Italy into Croatia needs to go into quarantine. Also, after WHO announced pandemic all public gatherings for more then 100 people are stopped. In Croatia, there are now 24 cases, no deaths and all reported have mild version of the virus and seems to be recovering well. Croatia took this seriously and is closing schools as well so starting Monday all schools will be doing classes online or on national TV for all kids in elementary school. If we take China as an example, we are all in hope this shall pass soon with new measures the countries are taking.

In Slovenia, today we have total of 89 cases and in Italy we have 12462 cases in total.

Trump administration banned all flights from Shengen zone and that does not include Croatia but it does include other countries. This measure will take place for next 30 days before they decide to open the boarders again.

{March 11th} It looks like situation of corona virus in Croatia is handled good and we need to admit we were prepared for what is coming. Unfortunately some of the neighbour countries cannot say the same. Today we had huge jump in Slovenia with 57 infected and also Italy with another 168 death cases recorded, sadly. Due to the situation in neighbour countries Croatia is taking additional measures to stop corona virus from spreading from other countries. That being said, the government banned all public gatherings for more then 1000 people, by tomorrow they will decide if the boarders to Italy are closed but anyone who enters from Italy is immediately put into quarantine. Also, Istria region closed schools due to close proximity to Italy.

Italy has done one very useful research based on their cases and the average age of a person that has a corona virus is 65. Please check this final breakdown as of today:

  • 10-19 years of age 85 people
  • 20-29 years of age 296 people
  • 30-39 years of age 470 people
  • 40-49 years of age 891 people
  • 60-69 years of age 1417 people
  • 70-79 years of age 1785 people
  • 80 + years of age 1532 people

Current travel between European countries is smooth. However, majority of the countries banned flights and connections to Italy so at this stage travel to Italy is not recommended until the situation calms down. Today, Turkey also recorded first case of corona virus.

{March 10th} It depends how you look at it but there is a space for some positive thoughts. China and Wuhan where corona virus started is showing down trend in new cases each day. Will this be the situation in Europe too? Well, we surely all hope so. Today we have 3640 new cases in the world, 256 newly died, but also we have 2269 people who recovered as well. The numbers do look somewhat optimistic despite the fast spread in Europe and especially in Italy.

Italy and corona virus is not that bright at the moment. They have closed schools, colleges and all public gatherings are forbidden. The government said it is something that they had to do in order to protect the people in Italy and let’s all hope it will help. Currently there are around 10 thousand people who are diagnosed with corona virus and over 600 deaths. But why is that the case in Italy is something we should all our selves and should we trust those numbers and believe there is the same treat in other European countries? Trust not! The biggest reason why the death rate in Italy is high is because the corona virus got spread in hospitals where older and sick people mostly reside. The biggest reason is that people did not follow the rules, and instead of calling the medical help, if they have shown symptoms, they went to hospitals exposing hundreds of people there and unluckily those people are the ones most vulnerable.

Slovenia and Austria currently closed the boarders with Italy and Croatia is thinking about the same move going forward. Currently there are 24 cases in Slovenia and Croatia stands still on 16 infected still having the slowest rate of growth and let’s hope it stays that way. Currently there are 3 countries in Europe that do not have any recorded cases: Montenegro, Kosovo, and Turkey.

{March 9th} The world today has recorded little over 110 thousand cases of corona virus. Italy is definitely one country outside of China that has the biggest issues with the spread of the virus and there are areas that are under constant surveillance and quarantine. For that particular reason Croatia has decided to make even more rigorous measures for all who are coming from Italy into Croatia and the government is suggesting for all people to cancel any trips to Italy. Luckily, we must be proud of Croatia and people who are managing the crises as cases in Croatia are not on rise and we still stand still with 12 people infected by the virus. All big gatherings, of 1000 people or more, and events are cancelled to stop any possible virus spread in Croatia that could possibly cause even bigger issues on upcoming tourist season.

Slovenia, as another neighbour country, also recorded some cases of corona virus in previous days. Current number in Slovenia is 19 but the government stated they have the virus under control since they have found the patient who was firstly infected and is hospitalized in timely manner before the damange was bigger.

We are following the virus spread and will keep you updated as the situation goes further.

It is most likely that every country in the world will have some cases of new corona virus that is spreading around the world. However, media attention to this particular virus had blown this out of the proportion getting many people scared to travel. But, let’s look at the numbers and see what we know about the virus at this current stage.

There is total of about 89 thousand cases in whole world and about 45 thousand already recovered cases. Out of all, only 7 thousand cases are in critical condition, which is around 7%. But we need to look at the numbers more carefully. 85 thousand people are recorded with corona in Asia (China and S. Korea) and the rest is spread around the world, making it very unlikely for anyone who travels to Europe to get corona virus, unless they travel to areas that are hit hardly by the virus in Italy.

What is Croatia doing to stop the Corona virus in Croatia and what is the current situation

Given the high level of caution and discomfort among travelers worldwide about the spread of the new coronavirus, we consider it important to highlight a few key facts as well as give you insight into the best practices for primary prevention of the spread of the infection. Regarding Croatia’s position in the context of coronavirus epidemic risk, it is important to emphasize the following facts to all tourism professionals and guests:

• Croatia, as part of the SEE region, has a very low risk of acute respiratory illness caused by the new corona virus and is an safe environment to stay and travel

• 12 cases of infection have been reported in whole Croatia and all are reported with very mild conditions. Also, all are part of 3 separate families confirming that Croatia a did an amazing job discovering virus early and stopping it’s fast spread throughout

• It should be noted that in 2019, the number of tourists visiting Croatia coming from the endangered areas was below 2 percent, and given the current airline restrictions, the number of tourists in these epidemiological vulnerable areas is expected to decline further

• The Ministry of Health and the Croatian Institute of Public Health implement all prevention measures in accordance with WHO guidelines and we do not expect the corona virus to spread much more in Croatia and region

• Croatia put to action rigorous measures to all its boarders to stop the spread.

Should you cancel trip because of corona virus in Croatia and Europe or still keep your travel plans?

We cannot say to anyone what is right or wrong at this moment and everyone should go by the feeling and whatever they feel is best for them. We suggest visiting airline and government websites to check if there are any travel bans in place to make a correct decision. Also, double check which boarders are open and/or closed for visitors from certain countries.

We are here to help and support all current and future travelers and their decisions. We do have free re-booking policy due to corona virus, so if there is a need to cancel or move the trip, we are here to make it happen. Check our full adjusted terms and conditions and get ideas how can smart traveler use this industry crises to grab amazing travel deals.

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