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When is the best time to charter the boat in Croatia?

When is the best time to charter the boat in Croatia? If you decide to charter a boat in Croatia, you are all set to experience all the splendor of the Adriatic Sea. Croatian coast is known for its sunny days, innocent crystal-clear and never ending islands spread around the coast. Croatia is equally impressive on the land and the sea, and our sea & land itinerary combines best of both worlds, so make sure to check it out.

Croatia has an abundance of UNESCO recognized sites that you can visit during your journey. If you are by any chance starting your journey in the north Adriatic coast, visit Poreč and Diocletian’s palace and slowly start to go towards south to visit picturesque villages on Cres, Krk and Rab including Porozine, Lopar and Stara Baška. Discovering of partly deserted villages can be a great fun because of the authentic locals and the fact that there aren’t many boats anchored in the bay in the same time. Also, Croatia is known for its divine bays where you can anchor your boat and start your further discoveries of the village/island you just came to. As days go by, you are getting richer and richer with your experience and also, the south of Adriatic Sea is bringing more UNESCO sites like Šibenik fortresses, historical complex of Split and the old town core of Dubrovnik. In addition to what’s been said in the abovementioned paragraph, many Croatian islands are almost completely deserted and are just waiting for eager wanderlusts to form some new paths on them.

When to charter the boat?

The best time to book a charter is between April and October. Since many tourists are going on their vacations in July and August, that period is considered the highest of the season. Best time, if you are looking to actually sail, is April, May, September and October because of the winds. Please note the even though one charters the boat in high season, Croatia has so many islands that one can always find secluded islands to enjoy full privacy and uncrowded places but if we go to more popular islands it might be little crowded. So if you are deciding when is the best time to charter the boat in Croatia chose any date between April and October and we will make sure to always structure the route to meet your expectations.


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