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Sublime sites in Belgrade you have to pay a visit.

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Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has many epithets and many of them are justified. Stay long enough to find out why people call him “the city that never sleeps” and “the city of lavishing nightlife”. But, overall, it is one of the oldest European cities and it keeps growing and expanding year by year. “21st century brought many contemporary features suitable for young, urban people. Although, historic monuments are still preserved as the most valuable treasures in the country. The list below will give you an insight of notable locations in the city that are definitely worth your time. You haven’t see the true spirit of Balkan until you see gleaming jewels of Belgrade! Also, if you are planning to visit Serbia, why not taking a longer route and discover other Balkan countries during your journey? This itinerary can be a perfect solution for you!

Kalmegdan The biggest park in Belgrade. Also, according to the most of the satisfied tourists, the prettiest one. The park is dominated by the famous Belgrade fortress that is positioned above Sava and Dunav confluence. The name Kalmegdan is referred only to the plateau that was converted into the park in 19th century. Turks named Kalmegdan “Fićir-bajir”, which means “thinking hill”. When in park, you can visit the Military Museum, art pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzorić”, city council for protection of the cultural monuments, zoo, amusement park for children and a large number of bars and cafes.

Knez Mihailova Street: One of main walking streets in Belgrade. It goes from Kalmegdan to the Republic Square. Many locals use it for their daily activities and it is the best place to feel the vibrations of the city if you are a tourist. Many cultural institutions are situated there including Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Centre Culturel Francais, Instituto Cervantes and Goethe Institute. Several restaurants and cafes are scattered across the street so take a look at the offer and have a decent lunch or dinner.

Skadarlija Street: Its irresistible charm was always attracting famous writers, bohemians, hedonists and artists of all kinds. The spirits of old times are still preserved in the core of the street and you can still hear traditional music while walking from one end to another. Also, there are many restaurants where you can try exquisite specialties of national and international cuisine.

Republic Square: The place where locals meet tourists and vice versa. Many buildings with national institutions found their place here and the square is especially attractive for those who are visiting Belgrade for the first time. That includes National Theater, National Museum, the Army House and the monument of Knez Mihailo.

St. Michael’s cathedral: It is the second oldest Orthodox church in the city. The church was built in neoclassical style with a baroque bell tower. The church is a final resting place for many notable characters from Serbian history including Prince Miloš Obrenović, the leader of the Second Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Turks and his son Prince Mihailo. Also, the interior of the church features tombs of Vuk Karadžić, the so-called father of Serbian language and Dositej Obradović, a reformist and the first education minister in Serbia.

Church of Saint Sava: The pillar of Serbian faith. It is the largest Orthodox place of worship in the Balkans. Its appearance is magnificent and the church can be seen from almost every approach of the city. The building is enriched by more than 49 majestic bells and 18 gold plated crosses distributed on its domes. This church holds a significant place in hearts of all Belgrade citizens. It is a sanctuary for those who wish to comfort themselves and who want to give their prayers for other people in need.

Cathedral of St. Mark: It is located in the Tašmajdan park near the parliament of Serbia. The building was constructed in the Serbo-Byzantine style by the Krstić brothers and it was completed in 1940.

Gardos tower:It is a memorial tower located in the Belgrade’s municipality of Zemun. Officially, it was opened in 1896. as a part of celebration of thousand years of Hungarian settlement in the  Pannonia plain. The building is very significant for Belgrade people and the officials proclaimed it a protected monument of culture. 


Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia


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