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Travel smartly, visit Greece and avoid crowds.

In case you are planning your post-COVID vacation, Greece is maybe one of the destinations you should consider. Although, it is best for now to focus on less crowded places to bring the risk to the minimum. As always, we are thinking instead of you and we will present some of the relatively secluded locations. To take pleasures from the more well-known islands in Greece, one of our itineraries offers a specially organized tour that will connect you with this precious country.

Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos, Greece

1. Vast and open spaces on some of the bigger islands

Greece, Limnos
Greece, Limnos

Every big island in Greece has several places that are often overcrowded by eager, enthusiastic tourists. But if you take those problematic elements on the side, all that is left are secretive areas where you can hear your thoughts in peace and listen to the song of the sea. One of the great examples is the southern coast of Crete: It is a vast, sparsely populated area where you can meet the local population and enjoy the peacefulness of deserted beaches. When it comes to the island of Corfu, the north of the island is mostly unnoticed by the touristic communities. There are a couple of small houses and some of them are usually on disposition for renting during the vacation season. The same goes for the island of Rhodes, international clientele cannot be seen on the southwestern area of the island. You can quietly walk around and take pleasure in the enchanting mountain villages. The island of Naxos is also known for its mountain communities. In your case, it is great that many tourists never get a chance to visit the areas because they are usually attracted by other content on the island. At the end of this section, there is the island of Paros. Who knows, maybe you will find some lonely souls on one of the empty beaches so you can continue your journey with them.

2. Smaller or lesser known Greek islands

Many of the islands we will mention are so underappreciated that people barely know some facts about them. But, we know that your peace is more important than everything so we will list some of them.

Lipsi: Isolation is the middle name of this island. During the day, you can lounge on one of the supreme beaches and when the night comes, have something to eat in one of the taverns or check the local nightclub scene. To satisfy your exploration spirit, visit the mountains to find numerous lonely churches

Lipsi Island, Greece

Donousa: Donousa is probably the most beautiful of five small islands in the near vicinity of Naxos. The beaches in combination with shores are inspirational and landscapes can be breathtaking. Sometimes, it is good to feel like you are alone in this world and Donousa will make your wishes come true for a couple of days.

Antiparos: You can reach it by a short boat ride from the islands of Paros. There is just enough touristic content to make you feel satisfied. One of the most divine caves in Europe is situated there: the Cave of Antiparos. Put this island on your “must visit” list.

Antiparos Island, Greece

Thassos: On the northern part of the Aegan Sea, Thasos islands are quietly summoning tourists that are longing for quiet vacation. The beaches are exquisite and you can also indulge in water sports that are very popular on the island. There is a plenty of sunshine during the summer so you will surely get a well deserved tan.  

Paxos: The island is located just a few miles from Corfu. The central settlement of the island, Gaios, is an authentic Greek village full of narrow, cobblestone streets and colorful streets.

Gavdos: You will certainly fall in love with the place when you see its spectacular beaches, shimmering sand dunes and unusual rock formations that are scattered around the island. You can reach it by a boat from the island of Crete.

Karphatos: When in Kharphatos, look for small, distant villages situated on the mountains and by the sea. If you fall in love with the place upon arriving, you can rent one of the houses by the shore or up the mountains. Some of the beaches are so unapproachable from the land that you will have to rent a boat to reach it. But, for the great vacation, every effort is more than justified.

Karphatos Island, Greece

Anafi: The place that obeys the customs of traditional Greek lifestyle and culture. Just like Santorini, the place has volcanic origins. There is an abundance of lovely sandy beaches that can be easily accessed on foot.

Skiathos: The islands will impress you with its green landscapes and crystalline coasts. Most of the island’s activities are dedicated to water sports and hobbies like snorkeling and immersions. You can also dedicate your time to other outdoor activities like hiking.

Alonissos: Hiking is very much recommended on this island as you will be surrounded by pristine nature, green pine forests and the rugged landscapes. The National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades is located there. It is a natural refuge for dolphins.

Alonissos Island, Greece

Astypaleia: If you are looking for colorful content on your vacation and also wish to spend some time alone, look no more. Picturesque, almost hidden villages on the top of the hill dominate the island’s landscape. Ascend the hill to see the church, the Venetian castle and breathtaking views of the sea down below you.

Symi: A wonderful place where you can bring your family. You can choose between sandy and pebble beaches, depending on your taste. To experience ultimate seclusion, visit the nearby islets of Agia Marina and Nimos. There are a few historic monuments that you could visit including small churches, domes and neoclassical buildings. To catch a breath from the sightseeing, sit in one of the cafes and have a chat with some of the locals.       


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